CSM Undergraduate Student and Staff Handbook

BEng and MEng Mining Engineering1 

BSc and MSci Geology2, Resource an Exploration Geology2, Applied Geology2

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics2


Programme Leads:

1Dr. Andrew Wetherelt, email: A.Wetherelt@exeter.ac.uk

2Dr. Ian Bailey, email: I.Bailey@exeter.ac.uk

Handbook Editor: Dr. Ian Bailey


The contents of this handbook are based on the University Teaching Quality Assurance Manual.

DISCLAIMER: This handbook is for guidance only. No contract is expressed or implied. The online version of this handbook is up-to-date. Any physical copy is up-to-date at the time of going to press, but the contents are subject to change as sanctioned by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Education committee. 



1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction to CSM and the University of Exeter

1.2 Your first week

1.3 CSM staff

1.4 Academic week numbers and key dates for the forthcoming academic year


2. Learning, teaching and resources

2.1 Styles of learning: how to study effectively at CSM

2.2 Conventional modes of teaching and learning

2.3 How much work is involved?

2.4 Undertaking paid emplayment during term time

2.5 Learning resources

     2.5.1 Library facilities

     2.5.2 Exeter Learning Environment (ELE)

     2.5.3 Access to Geology Teaching and Engineering Laboratories

2.6 Assignments and assessment

      2.6.1 Assignments: CSM framework

      2.6.2 Assignments: CSM framework for marking and feedback

      2.6.3 Submission, marking and feedback turnaround time

      2.6.4 Your needs for teaching and assessment

2.7 Your responsibilities with assessment and mitigation

      2.7.1 Mitigation

      2.7.2 Illness


3. CSM degree programmes

3.1 Credit accumulation and transfer

3.2 Condonement

3.3 Credit and progression for BSc and BEng degrees

3.4 Assessment and Awards for BSc and BEng degrees

3.5 Credit and progression for MSc and MEng degrees

3.6 Assessment and Awards for MSc and MEng degrees

3.7 Degree classification

3.8 Associateship of the Camborne School of Mines

3.9 Interim awards

3.10 Examinations

3.11 University of Exeter policy on examination and assignment preparation

        3.11.1 CSM examination styles

        3.11.2 Setting re-assessments: referral and deferral

3.12 Changing your degree programme or interupting your studies

3.13 Quality Assurance


4 Academic Misconduct


5 Personal Tutor


6 Employability


7 Student Voice

7.1 Accelerate

7.2 Module review process

7.3 The Student-Staff Liaison Committee

7.4 Town Halls


8 Where to go for help (Info Point and Student Servies at Penryn Campus)


9 Appendices

9.1 CSM staff list

9.2 CSM code of good teaching practice

9.3 Safety and ethics in CSM fieldwork

9.4 CSM programme modules

9.5 Module assignment summary sheet template

9.7 CSM citation and referencing policy

9.8 Exeter University code of practice on freedom of speech

9.9 Student complaints procedure