CSM Student and staff handbook


2.7 Assessment, your responsibilities and mitigation

Right from the start of your university career, you will face deadlines for handing in assignments. We strongly recommend you submit your work at least 2-3 hours before the deadline stated. Failure to meet any deadline (even by 1 second) is taken very seriously and will result in penalties being applied to that piece of work. These penalties can make a material difference to the class of degree that you end up with.

  • Work submitted within two weeks of the original deadline will be assessed for a maximum mark of 40%. 
  • If work is submitted more than two weeks late it will be reduced to 0%.

During your time at CSM, many of your assignments will be submitted electronically, and when doing so it should be submitted to both the e-Bart and Turnitin electronic systems. There may, however, be times when you need to hand-in a physical copy of an assignment, which must be done in person at the Info Point in the Peter Lanyon Building. Again, please ensure you do this in plenty of time since there may be a queue. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the instructions on how to submit work, since an electronic submission to e-Bart, but not Turnitin (or vice versa), will be treated as a late submission. Further information on how to submit electronic and physical copies of assignments is available on the  Info Point ELE web page.


2.7.1 Mitigation

To avoid late submission of assignments, it is important to plan ahead. Late assignments will not be accepted by academic staff. However, in some circumstances, you might have good reasons for not being able to complete the assignment on time. These reasons might include illness, or significant personal circumstances, which are affecting your work. In this case, ideally you should talk with the module leader and/or your personal tutor in advance of the assignment deadline so that they are aware of the situation, and so that they can signpost you to the appropriate student support services. You may also be eligible for mitigation. If awarded, mitigation provides you with an extension to an assignment’s deadline if you are not able to meet the original deadline due to, e.g. illness or another medical condition. If you think your circumstances qualify for mitigation, you need to fill out a mitigation form (obtained from Info at Penryn or from the Info Point ELE web page) and submit it within one working day of the assignment deadline. You may need to provide some form of evidence with your application. Only completed applications will be considered by the mitigation committee and you should receive a response within three working days. Mitigation can only be granted via the Penryn-mitigation email box. Your lecturer, your tutor, or even a member of the Info at Penryn team, cannot do so. They can only help you to apply for mitigation. You cannot apply for retrospective mitigation (i.e. after the assignment deadline has passed). If your mitigation application is approved, your assignment will be assessed for full marks.


2.7.2 Illness

If, due to illness, you are absent from University for more than a few days you should inform the relevant module leader(s). If you anticipate you will be unable to submit an assignment on time, or to attend an exam, you should fill in a mitigation form and provide a letter or certificate from your doctor (see Section 8 and Section 2.7.1. above). Such circumstances are considered by the Mitigation Committee prior to the Board of Examiners meeting. If mitigation is approved the Board of Examiners are informed of this fact, but they are ordinarily not made aware of the individual circumstances.


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