CSM student and staff handbook

9.1 CSM staff list


Academic staff


Dr. Mohammad Abusara M.Abusara@exeter.ac.uk

Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy

SERSF Office G9 01326 371885

Dr. Jens Andersen J.C.Andersen@exeter.ac.uk

Senior Lecturer in Geology, Programme Lead for undergraduate Geology DM Office 3.134 01326 371836
Dr. Steven Andrews S.Andrews@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Geology DM Office 3.133 01326 255725
Dr. Ian Bailey  I.Bailey@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Geology, Library Liaison (CSM). DM Office 3.133 01326 259322

Dr. Christopher Bryan C.G.Bryan@exeter.ac.uk

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Mining and Minerals Resourcing, Academic Misconduct Officer ESI 00.13       01326 259482
Mr. Richard Cochrane R.C.Cochrane@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy DM Office 3.029B 01326 259345
Prof. John Coggan J.Coggan@exeter.ac.uk Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, Programme Lead M.Sc. Mining Engineering DM Office 3.092 01326 371824

Dr. Penda Diallo P.N.Diallo@exeter.ac.uk

Lecturer DM Office X.XXX 01326 XXXXXX
Dr. Matthew Eyre M.Eyre@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Mining Engineering Intelligent Mining DM Office 3.085 01326 371855
Dr. Adam Feldman A.Feldman@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy DM Office 3.029B 01326 255771
Dr. Robert Fitzpatrick R.S.Fitzpatrick@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Mining / Geology DM Office 3.102 01326 254141
Prof. Patrick Foster P.J.Foster@exeter.ac.uk Associate Professor of Mine Safety, CSM Director of Education DM Office 3.093 01326 371828
Dr. Mirko Francioni M.Francioni@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Mining Engineering, Ethics Officer DM Office 3.085 01326 255786
Prof. Hylke Glass
Rio Tinto Professor of Mining and Minerals Engineering DM Office 3.084  01326 371823
Prof. Stephen Hesselbo S.P.Hesselbo@exeter.ac.uk Professor of Geology, CSM Director of Research DM Office 3.132 01326 253651
Dr. James Hickey J.Hickey@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Geophysics DM Office 3.129 01326 255988
Dr. Justin Hinshelwood J.Hinshelwood@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy n/a   01326 255770
Prof. Karen Hudson-Edwards K.Hudson-Edwards@exeter.ac.uk Professor in Sustainable Mining ESI Office XX.XX      01326 XXXXXX
Dr. Hannah Hughes H.Hughes@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Geology DM Office 3.129 01326 XXXXXX
Mr. Sam Hughes  S.P.Hughes@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Surveying and Geology DM Office 3.138 01326 259410
Prof. Kip Jeffrey      C.Jeffrey@exeter.ac.uk First Quantum Minerals Professor of Mining Education, Head of Camborne School of Mines, Programme Lead for MSc. Mining Professional DM Office 3.137 01326 259442
Dr. Sev Kender        S.Kender@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Palaeontology DM Office 3.XXX 01326 XXXXXX
Dr. Kate Littler          K.Littler@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Geology, Discipline Director for PGR DM Office 3.133 01326 255725
Dr. Lewis Meyer  L.H.I.Meyer@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering DM Office 3.097 01326 253766
Dr. Kathryn Moore   K.Moore@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Critical and Green Technology Metals, Undergraduate Senior Tutor DM Office 3.130 01326 255693
Dr. Robin Shail        R.K.Shail@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Geology, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor DM Office 3.094 01326 371826
Mr. Benedikt Steiner B.Steiner@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Exploration and Mining Geology DM Office 3.130 01326 253726
Dr. Philipp Thies     P.R.Thies@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy SERSF Office G0.7 01326 255849
Prof. Frances Wall       F.Wall@exeter.ac.uk Professor in Applied Mineralogy DM Office 3.135 01326 371831
Dr. Andrew Wetherelt A.Wetherelt@exeter.ac.uk Senior lecturer of Mining Engineering, Programme Lead for undergraduate Mining Engineering DM Office 3.095 01326 371827
Mr. Paul Wheeler   P.Wheeler@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Mining, Programme lead for MSc Mining Geology DM Office 3.131 01326 255778
Dr. Ben Williamson B.J.Williamson@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Geology DM Office 3.098 01326 371856
Mr. Neill Wood       N.A.Wood@exeter.ac.uk Senior Lecturer in Surveying, Programme Lead for MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management DM Office 3.096 01326 255163
Dr. Weiguo Xie             W.Xie@exeter.ac.uk Lecturer in Mineral Processing DM Office 3.130 01326 253719

DM = du Maurier building; ESI = Environmental and Sustainability Institute; SERSF = Science and Engineering Research Support Facility

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Technical Staff

Mr. Calum Beeson
Senior Geology Technician DM Lab 3.1XX
01326 XXXXXX
Mr. Stephen Pendray S.Pendray@exeter.ac.uk Thin section perparation technician DM Lab 3.108     01326 371849
Dr. Joe Pickles
Senior Analytical Technician DM Office 3.104  01326 371851
Dr. Gavyn Rollinson G.K.Rollinson@exeter.ac.uk Experimental Officer & Facility ManagerChemical, Imaging & Mineralogical Facility DM Lab 3.124     01326 371830
Mr. Malcolm Spence M.D.Spence@exeter.ac.uk XRD/XRF Technician DM Lab 3.126     01326 253737
Mrs. Sharon Uren    suren@exeter.ac.uk Senior Analytical Technician DM Lab 3.114     01326 371850
Mrs. Fiona Williams   info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk Student and Education Support Administrator PL Info Point Office      01326 371847
Mr. Gus Williams D.C.Williams@exeter.ac.uk Mine Supervisor CSM Test Mine    01326 254133

DM = du Maurier building; PL = Peter Lanyon building

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