CSM Student and staff handbook


2.4 Undertaking paid employment during term time

Many students wish to undertake part-time employment during their undergraduate careers both to earn some extra money and to augment their CVs. Such work experience can enable a student to develop a range of skills (e.g. time management, team working) that are also beneficial to their studies. Showing that you have already worked in a certain field or environment can help convince employers that you are serious about a particular career path. Nonetheless, students are encouraged to seek advice from their Personal Tutor or The Counselling Service if they face severe financial difficulties or encounter debt. You should let your Programme Lead know if you are undertaking part time work while following your studies. You should also note the following University guidance:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to know their own study commitments and not to undertake employment detrimental to their academic work. The University strongly recommends that, for the sake of balance, students do not undertake paid employment for more than 15 hours per weekduring term time.
  • Contracts are between the students and employer. Students should check all aspects of the job with their prospective manager to ensure that the job conforms with current legislation. Students who have any concerns about these issues should seek guidance from Support Services.
  • Students should ensure they are covered by Employer’s Liability Insurance for work they undertake, and that students undertaking voluntary work register with Community Action at the FXU.
  • Students should obtain a copy of the company’s Health and Safety Policy and should comply with it at all times. Students should discuss any concerns about Health and Safety with The Careers Zone.

Students are encouraged to make sense of their learning in the work place through undertaking the Exeter Personal Development Award, or through discussion with a Careers Adviser. Up to 25 hours of paid work experience can be used towards completion of The Exeter Award.

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