Exams and tests

Referred / Deferred Examinations

Information about referred and deferred examinations and coursework can be found on the module descriptions and also further information can be obtained from Info at Peter Chalk.  

What happens if I get too ill to take a test or exam?

Don't worry; if you miss a CA test, you will need to register your medical circumstances via the Mitigation Process as soon as possible. Depending on the weighting of assessments we may simply calculate your overall module mark based on the other tests and exams for the module or you may be asked to sit a deferred assessment.

If you miss an exam, you will get another chance to take it, which is called being deferred. You may need to sit the deferred exam in the summer vacation, however. You will need to show a doctor's certificate or other evidence to show why you couldn't take the exam the first time.

Warning – if you are absent from formal examinations and do not provide a satisfactory written explanation about your absence you may be deemed withdrawn, and required to leave the University.