Specific examination arrangements

You may be permitted to take certain materials in to your examination, such as an approved calculator, or dictionary. Open book/notes exams permit the use of text books/notes. Details of whether this is permitted for your exam will be provided by your Module Leader.

Use of calculators

All calculators used in examinations and College tests MUST have a tamper-proof sticker attached that indicates to the Examinations Office that the calculator has been approved by the College for use in examinations. 

Info at Peter Chalk will check the suitability of each calculator.

Use of dictionaries

Forms authorising the use of dictionaries in exams for non-native speakers are available from Info at Peter Chalk. This form will need to be taken to each exam for which the dictionary will be used. The use of electronic dictionaries in Exam Halls is strictly forbidden. Any dictionary found to contain manual amendments will also be confiscated.

Disability or illness

Specific examination arrangements can be put in place for students who require provision due to disability or injury. For information on how to do this, please refer to the Exams Office page.

Visiting students

Visiting students (such as JYA or Erasmus), who are with the College for a period of less than one academic year, are able to sit their Exeter examinations in their home institution. This only applies to students who have a period of study at Exeter which ends prior to the scheduled exam. In some cases, alternative methods of assessment by coursework only may be arranged. Should you need to sit your exam in your home institution, you should get in touch with your Student Office.