What are the rules for handing in work?

General Remarks:

  • All work on NSC modules submitted for a mark by students will be collected centrally at Info at Peter Chalk
  • All work will be marked anonymously whenever practicable
  • A record will be made of all submitted work before distribution to the markers
  • All work must be submitted on time. The dates and times for submission will be displayed in advance
  • No extension to published deadlines may be given by individual members of staff. Instead you must apply for an extension using the form available from the Mitigation webpages. 

Procedure for Handing in and Return of coursework

BART will be used for the submission of assessed coursework.

University regulations require that assessed coursework is centrally collected and receipted. The purpose of BART is (1) to make this process efficient and error-free, (2) to provide clear information about when assessed work is due, and (3) to show clearly when work has been submitted.

The essentials of the system are as follows:

  1. You log-in to the BART system using your normal University username and password.
  2. You see listed in chronological order all the assessed coursework items you are due to hand in for the year.
  3. You select an item and print out the correct cover sheet for that item. The cover sheet will feature two barcodes – one representing your student number, and one identifying the coursework item.
  4. You attach the cover sheet to your work using a staple. If you are submitting two copies, use a paper clip to attach the second copy of your work behind the first. If you are submitting group work, each member of the group should staple their cover sheets to the front.
  5. You hand in your work to Info at Peter Chalk; a member of staff scans the barcodes on the cover sheet and prints you a receipt. There WILL be queues - please hand in well before the deadline.
  6. When you log-in to BART again, the item will be shown as submitted, with the date and time of submission.