If you believe that your performance in any assessment task has been affected by the following mitigating circumstances, then you are able to submit an application for mitigation.

Mitigating circumstances

  • Illness:

Self-certificated illness within 7 days of deadline:  extension of up to 4 days.

Illness (with medical certificate) of 1 week or more within 3 weeks of deadline:  extension granted as appropriate to problem.

Students who regularly have health problems around deadlines will be referred to the Student Health Centre.

  • Absence from University:

Unplanned absence within 4 days of deadline (eg sick relative):  extension as appropriate, up to 4 days.

Planned absence (eg wedding, prize giving, rag event, sports event):  No extension.

  • Computer and printing problems:

No extension - you are required to keep back-ups of your work as electronic and / or hard copies.

  • Transport problems:

Breakdown / failure of public transport:  extension of 1 day provided that reasonable steps were taken to arrive at the University on time.

  • Other:

As may arise, to be considered by the Committee.

  • Mitigation Committee:

Please refer to the university guidelines for the application for mitigation.

Please note that application for mitigation on the grounds of performance in an examination can only be submitted within 24 hours after the examination. The evidence (medical or other) should be submitted with the mitigation and normally within 5 days of the date of the examination.

  • Appeal:

In exceptional circumstances, students may appeal against a penalty imposed for late submission of work. In such cases the appeal must be lodged with within 10 working days of the original submission date on the appropriate form available from the UG Admin Office ELE pages. In making an appeal you must note the points and exclusions above. Appeals will not be accepted if you had an adequate opportunity beforehand to submit a request for an extension.

Warning:  All deadlines will be absolute and according to the timed receipt issued by BART. Students are advised to submit work in advance of the deadline as long queues may result in work being submitted after 12:00 and this will not be accepted as a reason for late submission.

 How do I apply for mitigating circumstances?

Very occasionally students can request consideration of extraordinary circumstances, including medical or personal, that may negatively impacted their performance on a piece of assessment or their performance overall sometime during the term. An application for consideration of mitigating circumstances, explaining the nature of the problem and which modules it has had a negative impact on, may be found on the mitigation webpages. 

Applications must be filed by a deadline to be advertised by the Info at Peter Chalk Hub. Medical notes or equivalent evidence should support applications for mitigation. Wellbeing Services may be able to provide mitigating evidence and students are encouraged to make contact with the Wellbeing Services. Natural Sciences recognises that the circumstances involved in mitigation are often highly personal. As such, a very small committee considers the applications, so that personal information is kept as private as possible.