After your degree

Where are you going after your degree and how will you get there?

Getting a good degree should be enough to secure a good career in the future, but employers are looking for more.

Many will look favourably at the subject-specific knowledge gained from your degree, but employers are also looking for so-called 'soft' skills, which demonstrate you will be efffective in graduate level roles.

These skills can be demonstrated by teamwork, taking the lead in certain circumstances, finding yourself in situations, which develop communication skills. Extra-curricular activities and work experience, both paid and unpaid, as well as your academic programme provide excellent evidence for such skills.

Work experience and voluntary opportunities

For information about work experience, voluntary work, training courses and skills sessions and how to make the most of them so that employers find you too attractive to miss out on, see the Career Zone website. The Employability Officer organises talks by prospective employers and provides information about the availability of vacation internships.

Career Zone

If you would like to speak to somebody in person, then why not visit the Career Zone in the Forum. The Information Team can talk you through a range of resources to help you start thinking about your career and bring you up to speed on what you should be doing to make yourself more employable.