Key contacts

The table below outlines a number of critical Education roles within Engineering, which academic staff hold. Please note that the role holders may be subject to change.

Head of Discipline Stephen Eichhorn
Director of Education

Gavin Tabor

Matt Baker

Richard Cochrane

Director of Research Christopher Smith
Assistant Director of Education Abel Nyamapfene

UG Programme Lead (Civil)

UG Programme Lead (Electronic)

UG Programme Lead (Mechanical, Materials and Management)

Khurram Wadee

Mustafa Aziz

Philippe Young

PGT Programme Lead (Civil and Environmental)

PGT Programme Lead (Materials)

PGT Programme Lead (Mechanical and Management)

Fayyaz Memon

Yanqiu Zhu

Stephen Childe

PGR Programme Coordinator

Gino Hrkac

Stuart Townley

Assessment Officer

Akbar Javadi

Ken O'Brien

Senior Tutor

Philippe Young

Adam Feldman

Academic Misconduct Officer

Akbar Javadi

Martyn Haywood

International Officer

David Newman
Diego Gomez

Kip Jeffrey

Arnaud Marmier

Employability Representative

Stephen Childe

Justin Hinshelwood

AccessAbility Liaison Officer

Philippe Young

Admissions Officers

Prakash Kripakaran
Paul Folan

Arnaud Marmier

Peter Connor

Nigel Byott

Tim Jupp

Mitchell Berger

Library Officer

Mustafa Aziz

Peter Connor