Key contacts

The table below outlines a number of critical Education roles within Engineering, which academic staff hold. Please note that the role holders may be subject to change.

Head of Discipline David Butler
Head of Engineering (Renewable Energy, Penryn)  Lars Johanning
Director of Education

Sean Carroll

Director of Research Christopher Edwards
Director of International and Development Akbar Javadi
Co-Directors of Education

Ion Sucala (PGT)

Helen Smith (Penryn)

Maria Marsico (Student Experience)

Co-Directors of Research

Philipp Thies (Penryn)

James Brownjohn (Impact)

Co-Director of International and Development

Xiaohong Li

Engineering Management Programme Lead

Electronic Engineering Programme Lead

Civil and Environmental Engineering Lead

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Ion Sucula

Mustafa Aziz

Sean Carroll

Chris Smith

PG Programme Leads


Director of Postgraduate Researchers 

Gino Hrkac

Assessment Officer

Aileen MacGregor

Senior Tutor

Matt Eames

Academic Misconduct Officer

Ion Sucula

Employability Officers 

David Moxey

Admissions Officers

Prakash Kripakaran

Aileen MacGregor 

Julian Londono Monsalve

Library Officer

Adam Feldman

Last updated: September 2019