You can study abroad for a semester in your third year.

Study abroad

‌All Engineering students following four year programs have the option, and are strongly encouraged, to study abroad in Europe under the programme. Dr Khurram Wadee, Study Abroad Coordinator for Engineering, gives recruitment presentations on the Study Abroad Program in Semesters 1 and 2 of your second year of study. All second year Engineering students will be alerted to these by email and may sign up to the program with their tutors consent following these presentations.

Briefly the program involves a credit rated language module, appropriate to your chosen study destination, taken in the first term of your third year. This is then followed by four plus months of study abroad during the second and third terms of your third year. 

ECM3172 - Study Abroad Semester (60 credits)

The purpose of this module is to act as a 'wrapper' for all the work you will do whilst studying at one of our partner institutions.  At least half of the credits for the module derive from an individual project you will undertake, supervised by a member of staff from the host institution.  Any credits remaining must be made up by modules you can select from those offered by the host institution, and can include modules with elements of language and cultural study.

Study abroad destinations in Europe are as follows:



Technical University of Denmark

Lyngby (20 mins by train from Copenhagen)


ENSEIRB de Bordeaux

ESIEE Management



Noisy Le Grand 30 mins by car to Paris)



Universität Stuttgart



Università degli Studi di Modena

Università degli Studi di Catania




Technische Universiteit



Lund University

Lund (15 mins by train to Malmö



Opportunities further afield:


University of Waterloo




Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez




Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong



Shimane University

Shimane (North coast 4 hrs by train from Kyoto)


Dr Khurram Wadee, Study Abroad Coordinator for Engineering, will run a recruitment presentation on Study Abroad in Semesters 1 and 2 for second year Engineering students only.

Application tips:

Plan Ahead! Application form – deadline 21st December 2018

•  Do your Research! You must give 8 choices of university, and for each choice you must include a list of modules you would like to take there

•  Be flexible! We cannot guarantee you a place at your preferred host university but every effort will be made to place you at one of your choices.

•  How we allocate: Places are allocated on the basis of your 1st year marks but you must be on or switch to an M.Eng. programme.

Please refer to the 'Researching your Study placement 2019-20 Handbook for further guidance. Researching your Study Abroad placement 2019-20 Handbook