Coursework hand-in procedures

In accordance with University guidelines, the College has a policy of anonymous marking for most coursework which contributes to the assessment of a module (work is submitted using a bar-coded system). Exceptions to anonymous submission include larger coursework elements which are double marked or moderated (such as projects) and pieces of coursework (usually small) where anonymity would be difficult or impractical given the circumstances under which the assessment has to be conducted (e.g. some forms of workshop/laboratory reports).

As a result of the above, the College must operate strict procedures for the hand-in of coursework contributing to assessment. It is your responsibility to read and understand the procedures below and to ensure that all coursework contributing to assessment is submitted in the correct way and within the specified deadline. Failure to observe these procedures may result in a zero mark being recorded for the coursework element concerned.

Please note that the procedures detailed here only apply to modules offered by Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. Other Colleges/Departments may have different arrangements relating to coursework contributing to assessment.

There are two methods for submission of coursework.  Your module convenor will inform you of which method will be used for each module.

  1. Electronic Submission
  2. Non-Electronic Submission (BART)

Late submission of coursework and mitigation

For any assignment that is handed in up to 2 weeks late, the marks awarded will be capped to 40% for undergraduates and 50% for postgraduates. That is, if your actual (non-late) mark for the work is (for example) 36%, this will stay at 36%. If your actual (non-late) mark would have been 41% (51% for postgraduates), or higher, right up to 100%, the mark awarded will be 40% (50% for postgraduates). Any assignment handed in more than 2 weeks after the deadline will receive no marks. Module leaders have the right to refuse to mark work submitted after the submission deadline if the answers have been released to students.  Students will be informed if this is to be the case.

Repeated non submission or late submission of coursework will be noted and personal tutors and the Director of Education will be informed. They will take appropriate action which may result in a formal College warning. Students studying on a Tier 4 visa should also note that coursework hand-in's count as one of the contact points measured as part of the attendance monitoring scheme.

If you wish to make a case for leniency (e.g. you think you have a justifiable reason for late submission), then you should refer to the Procedures for Mitigation.

Return of coursework and feedback

Unless alternative arrangements are clearly specified by the member of staff setting the work, marked coursework that contributes to module assessment should be collected by students from the collection trays (labelled by Personal Tutor) made available in the corridor outside the Student Services Office in Harrison Foyer.

Marked work should be returned to students within an agreed time limit, or within a maximum of three weeks in the absence of any such agreement. Samples (copies) of coursework will be retained by the College so that this work is available for consideration by the external examiners and/or external professional accrediting institutions if required.

Module leaders are responsible for ensuring that returned work which contributes to the module assessment clearly indicates the provisional marks awarded for that piece of coursework and that students are fully aware of how marks for individual pieces of coursework will be combined to produce a final coursework mark. The coursework cover sheet forms the basis for feedback on student work, with a section for the marker to comment on the work and to provide the mark. Students should be aware that such marks are only indicative, and have no formal standing until moderated by the external examiners and confirmed by the Assessment Progression and Awarding Committee appointed for that purpose.