Disclosure of marks

Provisional marks for coursework contributing to module assessment will be disclosed to students by the internal marker(s) or module leader as the module progresses.

Provisional overall marks for modules examined in the January assessment period (combining coursework with that obtained in the written examination) will be disclosed to individual students through online transcripts via exehub and/or Personal Tutors once the marks have been agreed by the internal markers concerned.

Coursework and overall module marks disclosed in the above ways are indicative only and have no formal standing until they are confirmed by the Assessment Progression and Awarding Committee in the assessment following completion of the associated Stage. It is noted here that the College employs a Mark Scaling Policy for adjusting agreed assessment marks within a module to correct abnormal group performance.

Award classifications, progression decisions, stage and module marks will be disclosed to individual students through provisional online transcripts via exehub following meetings of the Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee in June (and September for students undertaking referred/deferred assessments). Personal Tutors will be able to release results, and to discuss results with tutees immediately following the Assessment,  Progression and Awarding Committee. Results and marks disclosed in this way are subject to final confirmation by Faculty Board. The marks of a student at any assessment Stage will not be discussed with, or disclosed to, any person other than the student.

Getting your results

Students can obtain their results via exehub, and will be informed of the timescale for the release of results via email. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they obtain their results as instructed, and that they are fully aware of any requirements for re-assessment.

Following the conferment of an award, the University Registry Services  will provide a complete personal transcript detailing the award and the module marks for each stage of study.

The University TQA manual gives further details on University regulations regarding the disclosure of marks in Section 6.5 of the Handbook for Assessment, Progression and Awarding: Taught Programmes.