Hot desking


1) Harrison 307 - Business Partners -

Harrison 307, has 9 docking station hot desks, To employ the facilities you need to have a university laptop and book a slot on the following link:

- You must enter your university log-in in order to book a slot - 

2) Harrison 041

Harrison 041 has eleven dedicated hotdesks. The computers have Windows installed on them but no further software. Please use remote desktop to connect to your own computer.

3) Physics G01

Physics G01 has two dedicated hotdesks. The computers have Windows and standard software installed on them. Please use either the locally installed software, or remote desktop to connect to your own computer. These are bookable.


How to use Remote Desktop

Logon to the computer as normal, using your standard university username and password. Run "Remote Desktop" (shortcut on desktop, or click Start and type "Remote" and the program should appear in the list) where you should enter the name of your own computer. This is most likely to be in the form "emps-xxx" or "phy-xxx". Your computer MUST BE SWITCHED ON. You will be asked to login in order to connect - enter your normal login details. If login fails it might be that you don't have the correct permissions; if so, please contact the college helpdesk.

When you finish, just close the remote desktop window and logoff the hotdesk computer as normal. Everything left running on your own computer will still be running when you get back to your desk or remotely connect again from another hotdesk computer.

If you have a laptop, you can either bring that with you and use as normal, or leave it on your desk and switch on in order to connect as above from one of the hotdesk computers.


There is a telephone on each desk. Please login to the telephone using your normal details. The only exception to this is the Finance desk in H041, which has a phone that uses autologin to become a dedicated number (5832).

Further information and support

If you have any problems, please email the college helpdesk.