Printing and copying

The University is moving to a managed print service where jobs are printed to a generic queue. In order to use the printers you must swipe your university card, and then enter the appropriate College cost code:

The service uses Xerox Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) that scan, copy and print. Please see our guide to the XEROX printer control panels for a clear outline on how to use the printer control panel. Further information on the managed print service is available in the Guide to the University's managed print service .

Using the Print Unit

If you wish to use the Print Unit, please:

  1. Follow the instructions on the print services information page as to how to submit jobs
  2. Ask for the cost of the printing to be allocated to the CEMPS printing budget - no purchase order number will be required as we have set this up in advance to simplify the process for you.

Installing the printers

To install the Xerox printer queues to your computer please read the appropriate instructions according to the operating system on your machine (Linux, Mac, Windows).

If you are not sure about installing printer queues to your computer, please email and we will assist you.

Using the printers

At the printer, swipe your University card. Enter the staff cost code or PGR cost code.

You can avoid being asked for a code by Setting up a default code code (via LDAP).‌

To retrieve your document(s), choose the "Release Documents" option, select your file(s) and press "print". If your documents do not print for any reason then they will now be saved in the printer's memory and WILL print when paper/toner/staples or whatever is needed becomes available. Use the "magic middle button" (the one in the middle on the left of the screen) to list the unprinted jobs and delete yours if you intend to print it elsewhere.

If you use the "print and save" option then your document(s) will remain on the print server for 72 hours and will then automatically be deleted.

Reducing Waste

It is important that we reduce our print charges. The first way to do this is to only print/copy when absolutely necessary. Another way is to ensure you always print/copy double sided:

Setting a default cost code

It is possible to Setting up a default cost code (all OSs) so that you don't have to enter the same 4 digit code every time you want to print. This will only work if you always use the same code (therefore only professional services staff can do this).

If you already have a default code set and wish to unset it then you should choose "use multiple billing codes" from the drop down list.

Delayed printing

If you are using Windows and need to print a large document (or many copies), you should use the delayed print option to print your job outside of working hours. This option is available on the "Paper/Output" tab of the Print Properties window. When this option is selected, you specify a time for your job to print. By doing this you are not "hogging" the device for a long time. Please read the Delayed Printing Instructions to set this up on your computer.

If you are using a "direct" print queue then once the job is sent you need do no more - the printer will magically start printing at the specified time.

If you are using a normal queue (eg STAFF_A4_MONO etc) then you now need to visit the printer and swipe your card and select your job to print as normal. Once you have done this your print job will sit in the local printer's memory until the specified time. Remember to check there is enough paper available.

Reporting a printing problem

If there is a problem with one of the printers, please contact the IT helpdesk ( or x3934) to inform them. Someone will visit to fix the problem. In the mean time, please use an alternative printer in the building.


Printing and copying are not free: mono is 2p per side and colour is 8.5p, plus paper. It is currently paid for by the College using the appropriate Staff cost code or PGR cost code.


Harrison building

  • Third floor corridor opposite 309 (mono/colour, A4 or A3)
  • Third floor Maths visitor area (mono/colour, A4 only)
  • Outside 271 (mono only, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating
  • Room 263 (mono/colour, A4 only)
  • Room 220 (mono only, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating
  • Outside 149 (mono/colour, A4 or A3)
  • First floor opposite room 115a (mono only, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating
  • Student Services (mono/colour, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating

Hope Hall

  • Ground floor main corridor (mono/colour, A4 or A3)
  • First floor print room 1.36 (mono only, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating

Innovation 1

  • Inside Room B1 (mono, A4 only)

Kay building

  • Entrance lobby (mono/colour, A4 or A3)

Laver building

  • Level 7 kitchen (mono/colour, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating

Physics building

  • Ground-floor Student Services office G01A (mono/colour, A4 or A3)
  • Slab block, back staircase 1st floor landing (mono/colour, A4 or A3)
  • Room 210 (mono/colour, A4 or A3) - printouts suitable for laminating
  • Room 310 (mono/colour, A4 only)
  • Room 410 (mono/colour, A4 only)
  • Room 510 (mono/colour, A4 only)
  • Room 610 (mono/colour, A4 only)