Mathematics prizes

Prizes and Awards are a key part of the University and the College. They give students a great form of recognition for their work over the Academic Year and create a lasting connection between Alumni donors and the current student body. The prizes often have cash rewards, establish networks between the College and graduate employers, and look great on any CV come graduation.

AT Price Prize £100 and certificate  Awarded to the finalist student with the best academic performance.
IMA Prize 1 year’s free membership of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications x 2 Awarded to two final year undergraduate students for outstanding performance.
Met Office Prize

2 at £100

Awarded to two final year undergraduate students for outstanding performance in a project or other module relevant to Met Office activities.
Mathematics Research Institute Prize 2 at £100 Awarded to undergraduate students for the best individual projects at stage 3 and stage 4 supervised by staff members of the Mathematics Research Institute.
Unthank Prize in Mathematics 3 at £100  Awarded to three undergraduate students with the best overall performance in a Single Honours Mathematics programme.
MSc Academic Award £100 and certificate Awarded to the PGT student with the best overall score on a Mathematics MSc Programme.
MSc Project Award £100 and certificate Awarded to the PGT student with the best project on a Mathematics MSc Programme.
Combined Honours Mathematics and Physics Prize £100 and certificate Awarded to a student with especially meritorious performance at Stage 2.