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The 2015/16 PhySoc committee at their recent Summer Ball

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We know that life at University can be pretty daunting at times! Moving to a completely different part of the country or world whilst trying to balance a busy work load is not an easy thing to do. That’s why there are several schemes and student groups that can help you through this.


Maths Peer Assisted Learning

This scheme is designed to help first year Maths students with specific areas of their module content. You will be provided with study support from second years, who can help you with content you are unsure on and struggling with. Most sessions take place on Wednesday mornings, check your online timetable for details of when and where to go.


MathSoc a lively community of Mathematics students who run the Maths Society (Mathsoc) on the Streatham campus. Social meetings and events are organised throughout the academic year and provide excellent opportunities for getting to know your fellow students outside of academic work time and most importantly having fun! Head over to The Guild's page to find out more.



Physics Buddy Scheme

This is designed to help all new undergraduates settle in to their first year by being paired up with a more senior Physics students. To find out more information, please read the Physics and Astronomy handbook.


Physics Society is one of over 200 societies at Exeter, all of which are great opportunities to meet new people at University. PhySoc in particular gives you a fantastic chance to socialise with your fellow physicists from all years, away from lectures and labs. For more information on PhySoc and how to become a member, pleae head over to The Guild's website.



Buddy Scheme

This scheme is will be launched in term 1 and is designed to help first year Engineering students settle into life at university. You will be provided with pastoral support from a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year student, who can give you advice around a variety of topics.


ExEng is an energetic society aimed at encouraging interaction between all engineering students and most importantly having fun! ExEng organises lots of fantastic socials, an annual gumball rally and also has their own rugby team. For more information on ExEng and how to become a member, please head over the The Guild's website.

Engineers Without Boarders

Exeter Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is an exciting society that is aimed at anyone who is interested in third world development and prospective engineers looking for voluntary overseas placements. EWB offers training weekends, awesome social events, free talks from experts and help with overseas project applications. You can find more information about this society on The Guild's website.


Computer Science

Computer Science Society

The Computer Science Society is set up by third year computer science students aiming to bring together a previously uncollected group of likeminded people and course mates. Anyone with an interest should come along and see what are about, it's definitely not just for those studying computer science! Head over to The Guild's website to find out more.