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Your first few days at University will be hectic; everything will be new. To help you navigate, we have designed these pages to be your first point of reference for any queries that you may have, and what we think you need to know in your day-to-day life in Natural Sciences. Please do take a detailed look through these sections during your first few days in Exeter. Not only will this site provide you with working knowledge of what you can expect from Natural Sciences (and what Natural Sciences can expect of you), but it also has invaluable information required to ensure the smooth running of your studies. While some procedures and practices may change during your time at Exeter, we will seek to keep you informed of these as they occur.

The information is not exhaustive, and more detailed information about specific issues is available either through the Natural Sciences web pages or the Students' Guild and University web pages. If however, you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask the staff in the Peter Chalk Information Hub or in the Forum, who will be happy to help. To contact the Peter Chalk Hub Support Team please use:


Access to Geoffrey Pope Building

Access to the Geoffrey Pope Building is restricted to authorised persons only.

To gain entry to the building, you will need to use your University card. If you need access outside of normal working hours, you will need to request a PIN number as well, but these will only be issued in exceptional circumstances. Students are not normally expected to require out of hours access, but may do so for project work in their final year. Please note that the use of cards in the door entry system is recorded and you must not lend your card to another person. If you do, this will be treated as a serious offence.

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