Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (CSM2312)

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Module status - Active
Module description status - Inactive
Credits - 30
College code - EMP
Academic year - 2011/2

Module lecturers / conveners

Frances Wall,Benedict Williamson,Jens Andersen

Module aims

The module provides an introduction to igneous and metamorphic processes and their plate tectonic context. The module develops skills for the description, identification, and classification of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Syllabus plan

Igneous petrology (term 1 and 2): Present day igneous activity; crystallisation processes; magmatic differentiation; binary and ternary phase-diagrams in igneous petrology; suites of magmatic rocks (alkaline, calc-alkaline and tholeiitic); styles of volcanism; classification of volcanic rocks; origin of basalts, andesites, granites, alkaline rocks, and carbonatites; cumulate rocks; igneous rocks of the Archean; major and trace elements in igneous processes; magma source regions; isotopic variations of igneous rocks; an introduction to magmatic ore-forming processes. Metamorphic petrology (term 2): Controls of metamorphism and metamorphic processes; definitions and main settings of metamorphism; metamorphic facies; metamorphic equilibrium and phase diagrams; metamorphic textures; interrelations between metamorphism and deformation; compositional groups; characteristic mineral assemblages of metapelites, metabasites, and metacarbonates in low-, medium- and high-pressure facies series. Practical skills (term 1 and 2): Identification, description and interpretation of igneous and metamorphic textures and mineral assemblages in field, hand specimen, and thin section. Uses of phase diagrams, major and trace elements, and isotopes in petrological studies.

Learning and teaching methods

Scheduled Learning & Teaching ActivitiesGuided Independent StudyPlacement / Study Abroad

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