2021/22 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact info.harrison@exeter.ac.uk (Streatham Campus) or info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
COM1011Fundamentals of Machine LearningDr Chico Camargo15
COM1012Data Science Group Project 1Dr Massimo Stella15
COM2011Machine Learning and Data ScienceDr Federico Botta15
COM2012Data Science in Society Niccolo Tempini15
COM2013Data Science Group Project 2Dr Riccardo Di Clemente15
COM3021Data Science at ScaleDr Hugo Barbosa15
COM3022Data Science Individual Project 1Dr Massimo Stella30
COM3023Machine Learning and AIDr Tinkle Chugh15
COMM412DAData in Business and Society Niccolo Tempini15
COMM413DAMachine VisionDr Anjan Dutta15
COMM414DAIntroduction to Data Science (Professional)Dr Rudy Arthur15
COMM415DAFundamentals of Data Science (Professional)Dr Alberto Moraglio15
COMM416DALearning From Data (Professional)15
COMM416DAJLearning From Data (Professional)15
COMM417DAMachine Learning (Professional)Dr Fabrizio Costa15
COMM418DAStatistical ModellingDr Tinkle Chugh15
COMM419DASocial Networks and Text Analysis (Professional)Dr Riccardo Di Clemente, Dr Massimo Stella15
COMM420DAProfessional Practice 1Mr Dan Hallam15
COMM420DAJProfessional Practice 1Dr Deborah Goodwin, Nirosha Holton15
COMM421DAProfessional Practice 2Dr Sophie Cowie15
COMM421DAJProfessional Practice 215
COMM422DAResearch Scientist: End Point Assessment0
COMM422DAJResearch Scientist: End Point Assessment0
COMM423DAWork-based Project15
COMM424DAIndividual Research Project60
COMM510Multi-Objective Optimisation and Decision MakingProf Jonathan Fieldsend15
COMM511Statistical Data Modelling15
CSM1027Mathematics 1ADr Declan Vogt15
CSM1029Mining and Minerals EngineeringDr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSM1030GeologyProf Robin Shail15
CSM1031Earth and Environmental ChemistryDr Laura Newsome, Dr Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann15
CSM1032Renewable Energy Systems 1Prof Adam Feldman15
CSM1033Mathematics 1BDr Mark Callaway15
CSM1036Field Geology and Geological MapsDr Sam Hughes30
CSM1037Science for Energy EngineeringProf Asif Tahir15
CSM1038Applied Computing for Energy StudiesDr Helen C M Smith15
CSM1039Energy Policy, Markets and Law Prof Peter Connor15
CSM1040Mathematics for Energy SystemsDr Mark Callaway15
CSM1041Quantitative Methods for GeoscientistsDr Declan Vogt15
CSM1042Dynamic PlanetProf Robin Shail15
CSM1043Crystallography, Mineralogy and GemstonesMs Aveen Hameed15
CSM1044Earth History and PalaeontologyDr Sam Hughes15
CSM1045Surveying and Digital MappingDr Sam Hughes15
CSM1256Engineering MechanicsProf Xiaoyu Yan15
CSM1257Thermodynamics and Fluid MechanicsProf Richard Cochrane15
CSM1259Electrical and Electronic PrinciplesDr Declan Vogt15
CSM1904CSM Professionalism Year 1Prof Kip Jeffrey0
CSM2045Energy ManagementDr Aritra Ghosh15
CSM2048Engineering for Energy Professionals Prof Justin Hinshelwood30
CSM2050Safety and Sustainable DevelopmentProf Patrick Foster15
CSM2051Magmatic and Metamorphic RocksDr Kathryn Moore15
CSM2052Grand Geoenvironmental ChallengesDr Rich Crane15
CSM2177Electrical Energy Conversion and Transport15
CSM2178Fluids MechanicsProf Justin Hinshelwood15
CSM2179Mathematics 2Prof Hylke J Glass15
CSM2180Mining and SurveyingDr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSM2181Renewable Energy Systems 2Prof Richard Cochrane15
CSM2182Structural Geology and TectonicsProf Robin Shail30
CSM2183Sedimentology and StratigraphyProf Stephen Hesselbo30
CSM2184Geological Mapping TechniquesDr Sam Hughes15
CSM2185GeotechnicsDr Lewis Meyer15
CSM2186Surface Mining and Mine Transport Dr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSM2187Project Management and Accounting Neill Wood15
CSM2188Mechanics of MaterialsProf Philipp Thies15
CSM2190GeophysicsDr James Hickey15
CSM2312Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyDr Kathryn Moore30
CSM2318Applied ThermodynamicsProf Asif Tahir15
CSM2904CSM Professionalism Year 2Prof Kip Jeffrey0
CSM3038Surface Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSM3039Safety and Sustainable Development15
CSM3040Minerals EngineeringDr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSM3041Tunnelling and Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSM3042Industrial Placement & ProjectDr Matthew Eyre15
CSM3043Working Environment and VentilationProf Patrick Foster15
CSM3044Mining Economics and DesignMr Paul Wheeler15
CSM3046Mineral Deposit GeologyProf Jens C. Andersen15
CSM3047GIS for GeologistsDr Hannah Hughes15
CSM3048Applied Field GeologyProf Jens C. Andersen15
CSM3049Contaminated Land Management and RemediationProf Ben Williamson15
CSM3059Evolution of Earth and Planetary SystemsDr Kathryn Moore15
CSM3060Dynamic Climates of the Past15
CSM3061Energy Resource Geology15
CSM3068Geology Overseas Field ClassDr James Hickey15
CSM3069Engineering Geology Field CourseProf Jens C. Andersen15
CSM3071Geological History of Life on Earth15
CSM3072Climate change: Past and FutureDr Kate Littler15
CSM3151Exploration TechniquesMs Aveen Hameed15
CSM3152HydrogeologyDr Rich Crane15
CSM3332Feasibility Study Mr Paul Wheeler15
CSM3379Summer Vacation ProjectDr Sam Hughes30
CSM3444Soil Mechanics with Mine Tailings EngineeringProf Karen Hudson-Edwards15
CSM3904CSM Professionalism Year 3Prof Kip Jeffrey0
CSMM047Research Project and Dissertation60
CSMM083Resource EstimationProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM110Techniques in Mining GeologyDr Benedikt Steiner30
CSMM118Project and Dissertation60
CSMM130Excavation and Geomechanics Dr Lewis Meyer15
CSMM131Health and Safety in the Extractive IndustryProf Patrick Foster15
CSMM134Land SurveyingDr Sam Hughes15
CSMM135Economics, Processing & EnvironmentMr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM136Project Management Neill Wood15
CSMM137HydrogeologyDr Rich Crane15
CSMM139Advanced Surveying Neill Wood15
CSMM140Surface Excavation Design Prof John Coggan15
CSMM143GIS For Surveyors Neill Wood15
CSMM145Production and Cost Estimation Mr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM153Mine Planning and DesignDr Lewis Meyer15
CSMM177DiscoveryProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM178DesignProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM179RecoveryProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM180Impact Prof Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM181Surface MiningProf John Coggan30
CSMM182Underground MiningProf John Coggan30
CSMM183Business SkillsProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM184Business Impact Research ProjectProf Kip Jeffrey45
CSMM185Soil and Water ContaminationDr Rich Crane15
CSMM186Underground ConstructionDr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSMM187Underground Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSMM188Working Environment and VentilationProf Patrick Foster15
CSMM190Site Investigation Including Near Surface Geophysics Neill Wood15
CSMM191Mineral Property Management and LawMr Kim Moreton15
CSMM192Advanced Geoscientific Software and Data ManagementDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM193Exploration TargetingDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM194Exploration and Mining GeologyDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM195Ore Deposit GeologyMr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM218Mineral Exploration GeophysicsMs Aveen Hameed15
CSMM219GIS for Mineral Explorationists and Geoenvironmental EngineersDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM220Mining the FutureProf Frances Wall15
CSMM221Project and DissertationMr Paul Wheeler60
CSMM401Professional Ethics, Competence and Commercial AwarenessProf Adam Feldman15
CSMM402Industry Placement ProjectProf Richard Cochrane40
CSMM403Further Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf Mohammad Abusara15
CSMM404Advanced Marine Renewable EnergyDr Ian Ashton15
CSMM409Group Design ProjectProf Justin Hinshelwood20
CSMM415Advanced Wind EnergyProf Richard Cochrane15
CSMM416Mineral Process Design 15
CSMM417Advanced Mine Ventilation & Modelling Prof Patrick Foster15
CSMM418Mine AutomationDr Matthew Eyre15
CSMM419Advanced Mine DesignDr Lewis Meyer15
CSMM420Individual Research ProjectDr Andrew Wetherelt30
CSMM421Group Design ProjectDr Matthew Eyre30
CSMM423Fourth Year Field Class Dr James Hickey15
CSMM425Ore GenesisProf Jens C. Andersen15
CSMM427Solar Energy Research and InnovationDr Aritra Ghosh15
CSMM429Industrial Rocks and MineralsProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM430Comminution, Flotation and Physical SeparationDr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSMM431Extractive MetallurgyDr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSMM432Economics, Energy and EnvironmentMr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM433Sampling Theory and Data AnalysisProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM435Process Modelling, Design and OptimisationProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM436Material Handling, Dewatering and Waste ManagementDr Kathryn Moore15
CSMM437Mineral Process Design and Modelling30
CSMM438Principles of Minerals Process Engineering30
CSMM439Research ProjectProf Stephen Hesselbo75
CSMM440Research Frontiers in Earth Science Dr Sev Kender30
CSMM441Mine Waste Characterisation, Prediction and TreatmentProf Karen Hudson-Edwards15
CSMM442Politics, Mining and Sustainable DevelopmentMs Aveen Hameed15
CSMM443Research Project and Scientific ArticleProf Karen Hudson-Edwards90
CSMM444Soil Mechanics with Mine Tailings EngineeringProf Karen Hudson-Edwards15
CSMM445Geometallurgy and Resource ModellingProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM904CSM Professionalism MScProf Kip Jeffrey0
ECM1102Core Engineering 130
ECM1106Electronics for Engineers: Core Engineering 215
ECM1107Materials and Manufacturing: Core Engineering 215
ECM1108Engineering Mechanics: Core Engineering 215
ECM1110Engineering Mathematics 30
ECM1111Entrepreneurship Skills Development 115
ECM1200Core EngineeringDr Raffaele Vinai30
ECM1201Mathematics for Engineers Dr Evangelos Papatheou15
ECM1202Basic MechanicsDr Junning Chen15
ECM1203Professional Studies and Skills Development ADr Ahmad Galadanci15
ECM1204MaterialsDr Mi Tian15
ECM1205Advanced Mathematics for EngineersDr Ki Young Koo15
ECM1206Professional Studies and Skills Development BMr Charlie Statham15
ECM1208Construction Methods and Materials15
ECM1400ProgrammingDr Matt Collison15
ECM1407Social and Professional Issues of the Information AgeDr Marcos Oliveira15
ECM1410Object-Oriented ProgrammingDr Diogo Pacheco15
ECM1413Computers and the InternetDr Johan Wahlström15
ECM1414Data Structures and AlgorithmsProf Ronaldo Menezes15
ECM1415Discrete Mathematics for Computer ScienceDr Stephen J. Maher15
ECM1416Computational MathematicsDr Layal Hakim15
ECM1417Web DevelopmentDr Jia Hu15
ECM1418Business Organisation Victoria Thomas15
ECM1419Interpersonal and Foundation Skills Victoria Thomas15
ECM1420Information and Data Dave Dann15
ECM1421System Development 1 Dave Dann15
ECM1422Reflective Practice 1 Huw Evans30
ECM1423Digital Technology InfrastructureMr Alexander Richardson-Hall15
ECM1424Information SecurityMr Alexander Richardson-Hall15
ECM2102Management and Management ScienceDr Baris Yuce15
ECM2103Introduction to Mechanical Engineering DesignDr Timothy Holsgrove15
ECM2105Control EngineeringProf Christopher Edwards15
ECM2106Manufacturing SystemsProf David Zhang15
ECM2108Construction Methods and Materials15
ECM2109StructuresProf Stana Zivanovic15
ECM2110Geotechnics 1Dr Raffaele Vinai15
ECM2111Mathematical Modelling of Engineering SystemsDr Halim Alwi15
ECM2113Thermofluid EngineeringDr Yongde Xia15
ECM2114Solid MechanicsProf Yang Liu15
ECM2117Communication and Networking TechnologiesDr Dibin Zhu15
ECM2118Analogue and Digital Electronics DesignProf Mustafa Aziz15
ECM2119Mathematical Modelling and Control Engineering Dr Halim Alwi15
ECM2120Materials Engineering Dr Yongde Xia15
ECM2121Entrepreneurship 2Dr Corrina Cory 15
ECM2200Structural MaterialsProf Paul Reynolds15
ECM2201MechanicsDr Sean Carroll15
ECM2202StructuresProf Stana Zivanovic15
ECM2203Geotechnics 1Dr Raffaele Vinai15
ECM2204Construction Site ManagementDr Ahmad Galadanci15
ECM2205Safety and Sustainable DevelopmentDr Matt Eames15
ECM2206BIM and Temporary WorksMr Charlie Statham15
ECM2207Project Management Dr Mohammad Akrami 15
ECM2208Sustainable DevelopmentDr Matt Eames15
ECM2209Project Procurement and BIM15
ECM2400Employability and Placement Preparation for Computer Scientists0
ECM2414Software DevelopmentDr Yulei Wu15
ECM2418Computer Languages and Representations Diego Marmsoler15
ECM2419Database Theory and DesignDr Zeliang Wang15
ECM2423Artificial Intelligence and ApplicationsDr Ayah Helal15
ECM2425Mobile and Ubiquitous ComputingDr Jia Hu15
ECM2426Network and Computer SecurityProf Achim D. Brucker15
ECM2427Outside the box: Computer Science Research and ApplicationsDr Wenjie Ruan15
ECM2428IT Project Management Huw Evans15
ECM2429Systems Development 2 Michael Saunby15
ECM2430Reflective Practice 2 Huw Evans30
ECM2431Information SystemsDr Vladimir Ryabov15
ECM2432Reflective Practice 3 Huw Evans45
ECM2433The C FamilyProf Jacqueline Christmas15
ECM2434Group Software Engineering ProjectDr Matt Collison15
ECM2906Data, Signals and Systems15
ECM2911Mathematics of the EnvironmentDr Markus Mueller15
ECM3130Engineering in Society and Company FinanceProf Voicu Ion Sucala15
ECM3149Commercial and Industrial Experience and Individual Project (BEng/MEng) Dr David Moxey45
ECM3150Electromagnetics and Wave Propagation Dr Anna Baldycheva15
ECM3151Thermofluids and Energy Conversion Prof Gavin Tabor15
ECM3152Computational Engineering Prof Gavin Tabor15
ECM3153Management of Product Development Dr Mahdieh Dibaj15
ECM3154Manufacturing Prof Christopher Smith15
ECM3155Structural Engineering Dr Khurram Wadee15
ECM3156Civil Engineering Hydraulics Prof Albert S. Chen15
ECM3157Geotechnics 2 Prof Akbar Javadi FICE CEng15
ECM3158Water Resources and Pollution Control Prof Fayyaz Ali Memon (FICE, FCIWEM, FHEA, CEng, CEnv) 15
ECM3159Management of Processes and People Dr Martino Luis15
ECM3160Materials Dr Yongde Xia15
ECM3161Civil Engineering Design Studies Dr Khurram Wadee15
ECM3162Electronic Engineering Design Studies Prof Mustafa Aziz15
ECM3163Mechanical Engineering Design Studies Dr Timothy Holsgrove15
ECM3164Operations Management Dr Baris Yuce15
ECM3165Digital Signal Processing Prof C. David Wright15
ECM3166Communications Engineering Dr Anna Katharina Ott15
ECM3171Computer Aided Engineering DrawingDr Mohammad Akrami 15
ECM3172Study Abroad SemesterDr Anna Baldycheva60
ECM3173Structural DynamicsDr Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve15
ECM3174Year in IndustryProf Prathyush P Menon120
ECM3175Individual ProjectProf Monica Craciun30
ECM3176Industrial Awareness and Problem SolvingDr Corrina Cory 15
ECM3177Market Research and Business PlanningDr Mahdieh Dibaj15
ECM3201Structural EngineeringMr Charlie Statham15
ECM3202Geotechnics 2 Prof Akbar Javadi FICE CEng15
ECM3203Civil Engineering Design Studies 15
ECM3204Individual Project30
ECM3206Conceptual Design of Buildings15
ECM3207Fluid Mechanics15
ECM3211Accounting and Company Finance15
ECM3401Individual Literature Review and ProjectDr Sareh Rowlands45
ECM3408Enterprise ComputingDr David Wakeling15
ECM3412Nature Inspired ComputationDr Zeliang Wang15
ECM3419Industrial PlacementDr Hugo Barbosa120
ECM3420Learning from Data Dr Edward Chuah15
ECM3422Computability and Complexity Dr Khulood Alyahya15
ECM3423Computer GraphicsDr Sareh Rowlands15
ECM3428Algorithms that Changed the WorldDr Chunbo Luo15
ECM3429Term of Computer Science Studies AbroadDr Marcos Oliveira60
ECM3430Computer Science Individual ProjectDr Yulei Wu30
ECM3431IT Law and Ethics Victoria Thomas15
ECM3432Software Engineering 1 Michael Saunby15
ECM3433Data Analysis 1Dr Rudy Arthur15
ECM3434Business Analysis 1Dr Vladimir Ryabov15
ECM3435IT Consulting 1Dr Vladimir Ryabov15
ECM3436Network Engineering 1Mr Alexander Richardson-Hall15
ECM3437Cyber Security 1Mr Alexander Richardson-Hall15
ECM3438Synoptic Project Huw Evans60
ECM3439Independent StudyDr Vladimir Ryabov15
ECM3440Software Engineering 2 Michael Saunby15
ECM3441Data Analysis 2Dr Rudy Arthur15
ECM3442Business Analysis 2Dr Vladimir Ryabov15
ECM3443IT Consulting 2Dr Vladimir Ryabov15
ECM3445Cyber Security 2Mr Alexander Richardson-Hall15
ECM3446High Performance Computing Dr Man Luo15
ECM3901Data Analytics and Machine LearningDr Saptarshi Das15
ECM3902Work PlacementDr Mark Callaway15
ECM3903Mathematical Sciences ProjectDr Mark Callaway15
ECM3904Advanced Statistical ModellingDr Saptarshi Das15
ECM3905Mathematical Biology and EcologyProf Stuart Townley15
ECM3906Graphs, Networks and Algorithms Dr Mark Callaway15
ECM3907Dynamical Systems and ControlDr Tim Hughes15
ECM3908Partial Differential EquationsDr Hamid Alemi Ardakani15
ECM3909Mathematics of Climate ChangeDr Markus Mueller15
ECM3912Semester of Mathematical Sciences AbroadDr Markus Mueller45
ECMM102Group Project (MEng)Prof James Brownjohn60
ECMM103Computer Aided Engineering DesignDr Mohammad Akrami 15
ECMM107Mechanics of MaterialsProf Christopher Smith15
ECMM108Advanced Structural EngineeringDr Khurram Wadee15
ECMM109Advanced Geotechnical EngineeringDr Raffaele Vinai15
ECMM110Water and Environmental SystemsProf Guangtao Fu15
ECMM112Manufacturing Supply Chain ManagementProf David Zhang15
ECMM113Agile, Lean and Competitive EnterpriseProf David Zhang15
ECMM124Hydroinformatics ToolsProf Guangtao Fu15
ECMM127Advanced Materials EngineeringProf Yanqiu Zhu15
ECMM132Urban Drainage and Waste Water ManagementProf Slobodan Djordjevic15
ECMM133Water Supply and Distribution ManagementProf Raziyeh Farmani15
ECMM134Environmental ProcessesProf Fayyaz Ali Memon (FICE, FCIWEM, FHEA, CEng, CEnv) 15
ECMM136Systems Analysis in EngineeringDr Halim Alwi15
ECMM140Vibration Engineering Prof Aleksandar Pavic15
ECMM141Multivariable State-Space ControlProf Christopher Edwards15
ECMM142Contemporary Advanced Materials ResearchDr Yongde Xia15
ECMM147Mechatronics: Sensors and Machine AutomationProf Meiling Zhu15
ECMM148Advanced CFDProf Gavin Tabor15
ECMM149Linear Systems and Structural AnalysisDr Evangelos Papatheou15
ECMM150Structural DesignDr Khurram Wadee15
ECMM151Introduction to Earthquake EngineeringProf Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECMM153Conceptual Design of BuildingsProf Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECMM158Active and Passive Structural Control Prof Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECMM159Structural Health and Performance MonitoringProf James Brownjohn15
ECMM160Engineering Materials and the EnvironmentProf Oana Ghita15
ECMM162Water Management in Developing CountriesProf Fayyaz Ali Memon (FICE, FCIWEM, FHEA, CEng, CEnv) 15
ECMM163Sustainable EngineeringDr Matt Eames15
ECMM164MSc DissertationProf Yang Liu60
ECMM168Project Management15
ECMM171Programming for EngineeringDr Evangelos Papatheou15
ECMM172Management Science15
ECMM178Computational Techniques for EngineersProf Gino Hrkac15
ECMM180Business Start-up ProjectDr Peter Melville-Shreeve90
ECMM181Entrepreneurship Skills Development 3Dr Corrina Cory 30
ECMM409Nature-Inspired ComputationDr Zeliang Wang15
ECMM410Research MethodologyProf Christopher Edwards15
ECMM422Machine LearningDr Fabrizio Costa15
ECMM423Evolutionary Computation & OptimisationProf Edward Keedwell15
ECMM424Computer Modelling and SimulationProf Geyong Min15
ECMM426Computer VisionDr Anjan Dutta15
ECMM427Group Development Project Prof Achim D. Brucker30
ECMM428Individual Research ProjectDr Chunbo Luo30
ECMM432Data in Business and Society Niccolo Tempini15
ECMM433Project 1Dr Tinkle Chugh30
ECMM435Project 2Dr Sareh Rowlands30
ECMM440High Performance Computing and Data Architectures15
ECMM441Machine VisionDr Anjan Dutta15
ECMM442Information Security15
ECMM443Introduction to Data ScienceDr Rudy Arthur15
ECMM444Fundamentals of Data ScienceDr Alberto Moraglio15
ECMM445Learning from DataDr Edward Chuah15
ECMM447Social Networks and Text AnalysisDr Riccardo Di Clemente15
ECMM449Advanced Statistical Modelling15
ECMM450Stochastic ProcessesDr Kyle Wedgwood15
ECMM451Data Science Research ProjectDr Riccardo Di Clemente60
ECMM452Data Science Business ProjectDr Fabrizio Costa60
ECMM453Computer Science Research ProjectDr Avik Chakraborti60
ECMM454Computer Science Business ProjectDr Fabrizio Costa60
ECMM455Introduction to Data Science (Professional)Dr Rudy Arthur15
ECMM456Fundamentals of Data Science (Professional)Dr Alberto Moraglio15
ECMM457Learning From Data (Professional)Dr Mohamed Bader-El-Den15
ECMM458Machine Learning (Professional)Dr Fabrizio Costa15
ECMM459Statistical ModellingDr Tinkle Chugh15
ECMM461High Performance Computing Dr Man Luo15
ECMM462Fundamentals of Security Diego Marmsoler15
ECMM463Building Secure and Trustworthy SystemsProf Achim D. Brucker15
ECMM464Security Assessment and ValidationDr Avik Chakraborti15
ECMM465Cyber Security Analytics Research ProjectProf Achim D. Brucker60
ECMM466Social Networks and Text Analysis (Professional)Dr Riccardo Di Clemente, Dr Massimo Stella15
ECMM901Research ProjectProf Stuart Townley45
ECMM903Computational Modelling and SimulationDr Hamid Alemi Ardakani15
ECMM905Field CourseDr Markus Mueller30
ECMM911Mathematics of SustainabilityDr Markus Mueller15
EMP2001Ambassadors for ScienceDr Barrie Cooper15
EMP3001Commercial and Industrial ExperienceProf Mark P. Baldwin15
EMP3003Professional ExperienceProf Prathyush P Menon45
EMPM003Mechanics of MaterialsProf Christopher Smith10
EMPM012SMM MSc Group ProjectProf Christopher Smith90
EMPM013Sustainable Energy & the Environment10
ENE3001Third Year Field Course (Group Project)Dr Ian Ashton15
ENE3002Network Engineering, Modelling and ManagementProf Mohammad Abusara15
ENE3003Marine Renewable Energy Dr Helen C M Smith15
ENE3004Life Cycle AnalysisProf Xiaoyu Yan15
ENE3005Wind EnergyProf Richard Cochrane15
ENE3006Low Carbon Heat15
ENE3007Energy Storage TechnologyProf Xiaohong Li15
ENE3008Work Placement ReportProf Richard Cochrane15
ENE3009Solar PowerProf Tapas Mallick15
ENE3010Sustainable ArchitectureProf Adam Feldman15
ENE3011Renewable Energy Dissertation Prof Peter Connor30
ENE3013Computational Engineering for Renewable Energy SystemsProf Justin Hinshelwood15
ENEM005Research Project40
ENEM101Renewable Energy SystemsDr Helen C M Smith30
ENEM104Research ProjectProf Asif Tahir60
ENEM105Low Carbon Vehicles and TransportProf Justin Hinshelwood15
ENG1002Engineering Mathematics and Scientific Computing Dr Anna Katharina Ott, Prof Guangtao Fu30
ENG1005Multi-Disciplinary Group Challenge Project Mrs Avalon Cory30
ENG1006Entrepreneurship 1Dr Peter Melville-Shreeve15
ENG1007Fundamentals of MechanicsDr Sean Carroll15
ENG1008Fundamentals of MaterialsDr Junning Chen15
ENG1009Fundamentals of ElectronicsProf Mustafa Aziz15
ENG2001Civil Engineering Challenge ProjectMr Charlie Statham30
ENG2003Electronic Engineering Challenge ProjectDr Anna Baldycheva30
ENG2004 Entrepreneurship 2Dr Corrina Cory 15
ENG2005Entrepreneurship Challenge ProjectMrs Avalon Cory30
ENG2006Industry 4.0Dr Halim Alwi15
ENG2007Introduction to Fluid DynamicsDr Mohammad Akrami 15
ENG2008Microcontroller EngineeringDr Dibin Zhu15
ENG2009Modelling of Engineering Systems Dr Halim Alwi15
ENG2010Soil MechanicsDr Raffaele Vinai15
ENG2011Solid MechanicsProf Yang Liu15
ENG2012Structural BehaviourProf Stana Zivanovic15
ENG2013Sustainable Design Challenge ProjectDr Matt Eames30
ENG2014Technology EntrepreneurshipDr Dong Wang15
ENG2015Management Challenge Project Dr Mahdieh Dibaj30
ENG2016Introduction in Economics and Company FinanceDr Lalita Saharan15
ENG2017Communication and Networking TechnologiesDr Dibin Zhu15
ENG2118Analogue and Digital Electronics DesignProf Mustafa Aziz15
ENG3001Construction Project Management15
ENG3002Decision Making Systems & Decision Theory15
ENG3003Digital Engineering and Building Information Modelling15
ENG3004Engineering Electromagnetics15
ENG3005Fluid Dynamics and CFDProf Gavin Tabor15
ENG3006Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design15
ENG3007Global Entrepreneurial Marketing15
ENG3008Group Design and Build Project - MEng students30
ENG3008AMechanical Design and Build: Part 1 - Research 15
ENG3008BMechanical Design and Build: Part 2 - Development15
ENG3009Structures & Finite Element AnalysisProf Tim Dodwell15
ENG3010Industrial Awareness & Problem Solving15
ENG3011Management and Leadership15
ENG3012MechatronicsDr Dibin Zhu15
ENG3013Structural Mechanics and Dynamics 15
ENG3013ACivil Design and Build: Part 1 - Research15
ENG3013BCivil Design and Build: Part 2 - Development15
ENG3014Structural EngineeringDr Sean Carroll15
ENG3015Structural DynamicsDr Sean Carroll15
ENG3016Thermodynamics and Heat TransferProf Gavin Tabor15
ENG3017Quality Control and Improvement15
ENG3018Control EngineeringProf Tim Dodwell15
ENG3019AManagement Design and Build: Part 1 - Research15
ENG3019BManagement Design and Build: Part 2 - Development15
ENG3020AEntrepreneurship Design and Build: Part 1 - Research15
ENG3020BEntrepreneurship Design and Build: Part 2 - Development15
ENG3021AElectronic Design and Build: Part 1 - Research15
ENG3021BElectronic Design and Build: Part 2 - Development15
ENGM001Additive Manufacturing Prof Tim Dodwell15
ENGM002Advanced Communication Systems15
ENGM003Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA)Prof Tim Dodwell15
ENGM005Business Start-up Project90
ENGM006Civil Engineering MaterialsDr Sean Carroll15
ENGM008Design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel StructuresDr Sean Carroll15
ENGM009Electric Machines and Power ElectronicsDr Dibin Zhu15
ENGM010Data-Centric EngineeringProf Tim Dodwell15
ENGM011Entrepreneurship 3Dr Corrina Cory 30
ENGM012Performance Based Design Under Dynamic Loading15
ENGM014Individual Project - MEng students45
ENGM015MEng Individual Investigative ProjectDr Sean Carroll45
ENGM017Composite MaterialsProf Tim Dodwell15
ENGM018Nonlinear ControlProf Tim Dodwell15
ENGM019Quality Engineering & ManagementDr Shuya Zhong15
ENGM020Robotics and Automation Dr Sean Carroll15
ENGM021Smart Production SystemsDr Baris Yuce15
ENGM023Sustainable ManufacturingDr Miying Yang15
ENGM024Trauma and Degeneration 15
ENGM025Smart Civil StructuresDr Sean Carroll15
ENGM026Design, Innovation & EntrepreneurshipProf Voicu Ion Sucala15
ENGM027Engineering Management ScienceDr Martino Luis, Prof Voicu Ion Sucala30
ENGM028MSc Industrial PlacementProf Voicu Ion Sucala60
MTH1000FoundationsDr Layal Hakim0
MTH1001Mathematical StructuresDr Gihan Marasingha30
MTH1002Mathematical MethodsDr Layal Hakim30
MTH1003Mathematical ModellingProf John Thuburn30
MTH1004Probability, Statistics and DataDr Christopher Ferro30
MTH1100Employability and Preparation for Placement or InternshipProf Mark P. Baldwin0
MTH2003Differential EquationsProf Vadim N Biktashev15
MTH2004Vector Calculus and ApplicationsDr Claire Foullon15
MTH2005Modelling: Theory and PracticeProf Bob Beare30
MTH2006Statistical Modelling and InferenceProf David B. Stephenson30
MTH2008Real AnalysisProf Nigel Byott15
MTH2009Complex AnalysisProf Ana Rodrigues15
MTH2010Groups, Rings and FieldsProf Mohamed Saidi15
MTH2011Linear AlgebraProf Jan Sieber15
MTH2100Employability and Career ResourcesProf Mark P. Baldwin0
MTH3001Theory of Weather and ClimateDr Tim Jupp15
MTH3004Number TheoryDr Henri Johnston15
MTH3006Mathematical Biology and EcologyProf Marc Goodfellow15
MTH3007Fluid DynamicsDr Joanne Mason15
MTH3008Partial Differential EquationsProf Vadim N Biktashev15
MTH3011Nonlinear Systems and ControlProf Prathyush P Menon15
MTH3019Mathematics: History and CultureProf Peter Ashwin15
MTH3022Graphs, Networks and AlgorithmsDr Barrie Cooper15
MTH3024Stochastic ProcessesDr Kyle Wedgwood15
MTH3025Semester of Mathematical Studies AbroadProf Pierre Friedlingstein60
MTH3026CryptographyDr Gihan Marasingha15
MTH3028Statistical Inference: Theory and PracticeDr Christopher Ferro15
MTH3030Mathematics of Climate ChangeDr Anna Harper15
MTH3032Applications of Geometry and TopologyProf Andrew Gilbert15
MTH3035Mathematics Group ProjectProf Mark P. Baldwin15
MTH3038Galois TheoryProf Mohamed Saidi15
MTH3039Computational Nonlinear DynamicsDr James Rankin15
MTH3040Topology and Metric SpacesProf Nigel Byott15
MTH3041Bayesian statistics, Philosophy and PracticeProf Daniel Williamson15
MTH3042Integral EquationsDr Layal Hakim15
MTH3045Statistical ComputingDr Ben Youngman15
MTH3048Sustainability Summer School ProgrammeDr Houry Melkonian15
MTH3100Industrial PlacementProf Mark P. Baldwin120
MTHM001Functional AnalysisDr Houry Melkonian15
MTHM002Methods for Stochastics and FinanceProf Ozgur Akman15
MTHM003Analysis and Computation for FinanceDr Frank Kwasniok15
MTHM004Fractal GeometryDr Jimmy Tseng15
MTHM005Mathematical Sciences ProjectDr Frank Kwasniok30
MTHM006Mathematical Theory of Option Pricing Prof Mark Holland15
MTHM007Engaging with ResearchProf James Screen15
MTHM008Computational ModellingDr Jemma Shipton15
MTHM009Advanced Topics in Mathematical & Computational BiologyDr James Rankin15
MTHM010Representation Theory of Finite GroupsDr Henri Johnston15
MTHM017Advanced Topics in StatisticsDr Dorottya Fekete15
MTHM018Dynamical Systems and ChaosDr Jen Creaser15
MTHM019Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and OceansDr William Seviour15
MTHM021Advanced Mathematics ProjectDr Frank Kwasniok60
MTHM023Modelling the Weather and ClimateProf Bob Beare15
MTHM029Algebraic CurvesDr Oli Gregory15
MTHM030Waves, Instabilities and TurbulenceProf Beth Wingate15
MTHM031Magnetic Fields and Fluid FlowsDr Joanne Mason15
MTHM032Mathematics, Business and Finance ProjectDr Frank Kwasniok30
MTHM033Statistical Modelling in Space and TimeProf Peter Challenor15
MTHM036Research in Mathematical SciencesDr Anna Harper15
MTHM040MSci ProjectProf Ozgur Akman45
MTHM041Analytic Number TheoryDr Julio Andrade15
MTHM044MMATH Project in StatisticsDr Ben Youngman45
MTHM045Space Weather and PlasmasDr Claire Foullon15
MTHM047Bayesian Statistics, Philosophy and Practice Prof Daniel Williamson15
MTHM048Ergodic TheoryProf Mark Holland15
MTHM051Fundamentals of Weather and Climate ScienceDr Stephen Thomson15
MTHM052Mid-Latitude Weather SystemsDr Jennifer Catto15
MTHM053MSc Professional PlacementProf Mark P. Baldwin60
MTHM054Climate Change Science and SolutionsProf Peter Cox15
MTHM501Working with DataProf Mark Kelson15
MTHM502Introduction to Data Science and Statistical ModellingDr Dorottya Fekete, Prof John Thuburn15
MTHM503Applications of Data Science and StatisticsDr John Bruun15
MTHM504Applied Data Science and Statistics ProjectDr John Bruun60
MTHM505Data Science and Statistical Modelling in Space and TimeDr James Salter15
MTHM506Statistical Data ModellingDr Dorottya Fekete15
MTHM507Communicating Data ScienceDr John Bruun15
MTHM508Bayesian Philosophy and Methods in Data ScienceProf Daniel Williamson15
MTHM601Fundamentals of Data ScienceDr Saptarshi Das30
MTHM602Trends in Data Science and AIDr Saptarshi Das15
MTHM603Data Science and Modelling DissertationDr Markus Mueller60
MTHM604Tackling Sustainability Challenges using Data and Models Prof Stuart Townley30
MTHM605Complex SystemsDr Mark Callaway15
MTHM606 Applied AI and ControlDr Tim Hughes15
MTHM607Computational Modelling and SimulationDr Hamid Alemi Ardakani30
NSCM005Mathematical Modelling in Biology and MedicineProf Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova15