Personal tutors are there to help you

Personal Tutors

What can I expect?

What does a personal tutor do?

Your personal tutor is your first port of call in all areas of your academic life. If you have any problems with your programme or personal welfare, or need guidance, your personal tutor is there to assist you.
Your personal tutor will be an academic from one of your subjects, and as such, will be able to help you improve your academic ability in that discipline. Most students only have one personal tutor, but if in some cases combined honours students may have a contact in the other department.

Personal tutors will also monitor your progress throughout your time at Exeter, and help you to improve your skills and achievements. 

Who is my personal tutor?

The name of your personal tutor is displayed on the student portal. For more information, please contact your department administrator.

How often should I meet with my personal tutor?

You can arrange a meeting with your personal tutor whenever you need help! Your personal tutor will have at least two office hours a week set aside for short notice meetings. To find your tutor’s office hours, please visit the Staff Office Hours page on the student intranet.
Otherwise, you should meet with your personal tutor at least once a term for a chat about your progress and wellbeing, during your personal tutor’s office hours.
First year students should meet with their personal tutors at least twice a semester, and all new students should meet with their tutors at least once during their first week.
Your personal tutor might also want to meet with you to talk about your attendance problems etc. and to offer you support and guidance in order to find a solution to any issues you may have.

I feel that my personal tutor is not supporting me. What should I do?

If you feel you are not receiving sufficient support from your personal tutor, don’t hesitate to let your department administrator know! They will be able to allocate you a new personal tutor.

I am a Flexible Combined Honours Student

For information about FCH personal tutors, please visit the FCH website.

Where else can I go for information?

If you would like more information about the role of a personal tutor, please see the College Taught Handbook or the University’s Code of Practice for Personal Tutors.