Alumni History and Politics student Andy Jackson fundraising for Children with Leukaemia.

Alumni Relations

We love keeping in touch and hearing what our alumni are doing. After graduation you will be able to join our alumni community – below are just a few of the benefits:


An exclusive online networking resource allows you to keep in touch with your friends. You can also network with other alumni who are willing to give you professional advice, or maybe even a work placement or job. Once you have graduated you can register on the Exonline website.

Alumni discounts

The University of Exeter is here to support you throughout your life. We do this by providing a range of benefits, focused on helping you in your life and career. For more information please see the Discounts page.


All alumni are welcome at all events, many of which are organised by theme or location. To find out more about events, please see the alumni events page.

Groups, societies and networks

After graduation you may want to reconnect with your friends. Whatever your interest, there is something for you, or you could set one up in your area. To find out more about alumni networks, please see the Alumni networks page.

International alumni

We have numerous International groups and networks which will provide a great way to keep in touch with your peers. For more information about international networks please see the alumni International page.


A humanities degree can open the door to many paths, here are some of the careers our alumni have chosen:

Actor, Airline Pilot, Art Director, Auctioneer, Barrister, Comedy writer, Composer, Director, Disneyland performer, Diving Archaeologist, Fashion stylist, Horticulturist, Hydrographer, Journalist, Lyricist, Musician, Opera singer, Potter, Producer, Publishing Editor, Solicitor, Stand-up comedian, Teacher, Video Games Journalist, Writer.

Katy Ardagh (BA English with Film Studies, 2010)

"You don’t realise until you leave University, how vital it is to have people believe in you, support you, and offer resources to achieve what you wish to achieve. Every moment of my time at Exeter will stay with me forever."

Send us your feedback

We are here to support you and we’d love you know your feedback. Send us an e-mail at

For more alumni benefits please visit the Discounts page.