MLI2001 - Italian Language, Written and Oral

2011/2 Module description

Credit Value30
ECTS Value15
NQF Level
Pre-requisitesMLI1001 (or equivalent) 
Duration of Module

Module aims

This language module is primarily for language students who have taken MLI1001 in year 1. It aims to consolidate the skills acquired during the previous year, and to improve and extend students' command of modern Italian, written and spoken. Emphasis will be on the consolidation and expansion of the Italian language through grammar, reading comprehension, translation into Italian and composition. Translation from Italian to English will explore different registers of language and prepare students to handle these in a competent and professional way.

Syllabus plan

The syllabus plan will follow the textbook and be supplemented by additional translation work and
newspaper articles, for example:
Week 1: Incontri (Grammar points: passato prossimo; imperfect; pronouns)
Lesson 1: Ascolto: 2 & 3; Lettura: 5; 6 A casa: exs. 7, 9, 10
Lesson 2: Go over homework; 11; 12; 13 A casa: Caffé culturale (perhaps follow up one of the exercises
to include in your Log)
Oral class: Exercises 1; 4; 14; 15
Additional exercises – see workbook

Learning and teaching methods

Details of Learning and Teaching Methods:
Three integrated classes weekly, two concentrating on grammar, comprehension, translation into
Italian, composition and summary in Italian; one integrated oral class to support and expand the
work done in the other two classes.

Indicative basic reading list

Indicative basic reading list:
Italian Espresso 2: Italian course for English Speakers textbook (Alma Edizioni, 2007) ISBN
Italian Espresso 2: Italian course for English Speakers workbook (Alma Edizioni, 2007) ISBN
Recommended Texts:
Da Capo, Lazzarino and Monneti (Heinle, 2006)
J Colaneri, V Luciani, 501 Italian Verbs (2
edition) (Barron's)
Recommended dictionaries:
Collins Sansoni Italian Dictionary, ed. V. Macchi (Collins); Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary (Oxford UP);
Dizionario della lingua italiana, ed. G.Cusatelli (Garzanti)
Indicative web based resources e.g. Webct:
WebCT; activities suggested by textbook
Other resources:
Foreign Language Centre; materials recommended in library

Last revision date

September 2011

Total student study time

300 hours, including 40 hours of written classes and 20 hours of oral classes

Intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
Module Specific Skills:
1. Apply a knowledge of a broad range of grammatical features of Italian to a variety of
linguistic tasks.
2. Translate passages from a variety of authentic written sources from English into Italian, and
from Italian into English.
3. Deal competently with demanding comprehension passages.
4. Develop an argument in written Italian.
5. Give a short oral presentation in Italian on a defined topic to a small group of listeners and
to engage in group discussion.
Discipline Specific Skills:
6. Understand styles and registers of written and spoken Italian.
7. Understand and use in class discussion a broad range of linguistic terms, to identify and
define his/her mistakes in Italian. Understand grammatical and syntactical structures.
8. Use a bilingual or Learners' monolingual dictionary to glean information about meaning,
register, usage and grammatical forms.
Personal and Key Skills:
9. Communicate competently in a foreign language.
10. Express and discuss views in front of a group of listeners.

Assignments and assessments

Formative or % ContributionForm of AssessmentSize of the assessment e.g. duration/lengthILOs assessed by this assessmentFeedback method
Formative Translations, compositions, and comprehension work throughout the year1-4, 6-8 Written and oral
25%Written exam at the end of term 1 1 hour1-4, 6, 7 Written and oral
25%Oral exam in term 215 minutes 5, 9, 10Written
50% Written exam at the end of term 3 2 hour1-4, 6, 7 Written

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