1.1 Health and Safety

The University endeavours to provide a safe environment for you. All employees and students of the University have a personal responsibility to co-operate with any officer engaged in the promotion of health and safety. The University has a Safety Office and a Health and Safety Policy and more information can be found at the University Health and Safety website.

A list of those qualified in first-aid by St. John’s Ambulance is published on the Health and Safety notice board for each building. It is essential that all accidents are reported to ensure a safe environment for all.

Fire drills are carried out regularly in conjunction with the University Safety Office. The time taken to fully evacuate the building is monitored. Failure to evacuate is a disciplinary offence and you are placing yourself and others at risk if you fail to do so. Your co-operation is appreciated.

If you are aware of any potential risk to the health or safety of yourself or others please bring this to the attention of the Student Support Office.

For more information about the health services offered by the University please see the Health Services page.