2.6 What are Levels?

The modules you take will each have a 'level', which tells you the relative demand, complexity and depth of the work required. When you complete a Level 1 module, the credit you gain for it is Level 1 credit; a Level 2 module gives you Level 2 credit, and so on. Normally the credits you gain during stage 1 will all be Level 1 credits, the credits you gain during stage 2 will all be Level 2 credits, but that doesn't always have to be the case. The Programme Specification for a given award might allow you to have an uneven number of credits at the different levels. So, for instance, in some Undergraduate degrees you could end up taking 90 Level 1 credits and 30 Level 2 credits during your first stage. Taking level 1 beginners language modules in final stage is not permitted within Modern Language Programmes and any student wishing to take a level 1 module in final stage of study will need to obtain the consent of the Director of Education for the Department. Postgraduate taught students will be required to complete all taught elements before moving on to the dissertation.