5.1 Choosing Your Modules

Undergraduates will be notified by email when they are able to register for modules online. The online module registration system will tell you the possible combinations of modules that are open to you. An outline of the modules that are available for the coming session can also be found online. You should read this information carefully, and reflect on past experiences, before making a choice. If studying a Combined Honours programme, you should also aim to balance your module choices as evenly as possible across your chosen subjects. Please seek guidance from module and personal tutors and consider your choices carefully.

If you are seeking to take a lower level module than the level you are currently studying at (e.g. an undergraduate taking a beginner's language in their final year of study) then you must fill in the following form and submit it to your Programme Administrator for approval. 

Lower Level Module Request Form

The online module choice system will include a deadline before which the online selection must be submitted. Make sure that you don't miss the deadline, as you might end up having to take whatever is left. Places on all modules are restricted due to space, timetable, equipment, and library considerations. For all these reasons it is possible that you will not be allocated your first choices; you will be informed of this via the online system.

Postgraduates will sign up for modules during the registration process.