6.23 Submitting Work by Email

In very exceptional circumstances, the College is willing to allow students to submit printed work by e-mail. For example: exchange students who have had to return home before the deadline for the work; students who have a valid, pre-approved reason for being away from the University; students who are absent due to illness but still wish to submit their work; distance learning students; students who are submitting work with extensions that fall out of term time; students who are submitting referred/deferred essays in August. In no circumstances may work be submitted electronically without prior agreement from the Humanities Education Team.

If the work has been listed as an online submission students should follow the normal procedure for submitting online.

Once you have obtained written permission to submit by e-mail from the Humanities Education Team, please pay attention to the following:

  • All work should be sent to humanities-education@exeter.ac.uk only.
  • Work should be sent as a single attachment to the e-mail, in one of the following formats: PDF; Microsoft Word; Plain text format (.txt).
  • If you are submitting multiple pieces of work you should send each piece of work as a separate e-mail.
  • You should ensure that your coursework is saved as a single file attached to the e-mail. (We will not print out and assemble multiple files for one piece of coursework.)
  • Please make sure that your e-mail includes: your full name; your student number; the module code; the name of the assessment (e.g. First 2000 word essay); the due date; the word count.
  • Each page of your coursework must include your student number but should not include your name or other personal information. We suggest you add your student number to the document header.

You do not need to send an electronic version of your BART cover sheet (we will print this for you).

The deadline is 10am UK-time. Please do not forget about the time difference if you are abroad. Once your work has been printed and scanned it will show on your BART homepage.

The Humanities Education Team does not take responsibility for work being recorded as late or not submitted in the event that these guidelines are not followed.