7.2 Personal Development Planning (PDP)

Personal Development Planning (PDP) is about making the most of your experiences at University, and planning for your future. We’re all different, so for you this might mean a whole range of things,­ from developing your personal skills and confidence, taking up a new activity or planning your first steps on a chosen career path.

PDP takes you through a guided, two-part process of self-appraisal and action planning. If you engage seriously in PDP, you should be better equipped: to identify your personal goals, and work towards them; to ‘transfer’ skills you are developing to new situations; to become more effective, independent and confident in your approach to your studies and employability; and to articulate your strengths and competencies to others.

The University currently provides an electronic system to support PDP, accessed via your Student Record pages on the student portal. Your engagement with this system should be supplemented by discussions with your personal tutor. By updating your PDP records regularly, and sharing them with your tutor at least once a year, you will be helping them get to know you better and to advise you appropriately.