Study Abroad

The Year Abroad

Normally Modern Languages students on four-year programmes spend a year abroad. The year abroad is year 3, unless you are studying Arabic, in which case you go abroad in year 2.

Students following a four-year programme must fulfil the requirements for residence and study abroad as stipulated in the Programme Specifications.

If you have a disability and are registered on the four-year programme, you will be invited early in Year 2 to a meeting with the Study Abroad team to discuss the best options for your Year Abroad. If it would be helpful to you to have information about your disability passed on to the host institution or company abroad, the Study Abroad team can arrange this. The Department cannot guarantee that a suitable situation abroad can be found in every country and in the case of every disability, but will do its best to find adequate solutions.

If you are in your first year and want to start planning ahead, a basic outline of the Year Abroad is available on the Study Abroad section of the College Intranet.

If you are concerned about the costs associated with studying or working abroad then please talk to the Study Abroad team who will be able to direct you to the relevant information and guidance led by the International Exeter team. 

Exemption from the Year Abroad

Under the University’s system of APEL (Approved Prior Experiential Learning) some students are eligible to apply for the award of a four-year degree without spending the third year of their degree programme abroad. If you have, in the past, spent a substantial period of time living abroad in a country or countries where your language(s) is/are spoken, you may be considered to have achieved the learning outcomes of the Year Abroad prior to coming to Exeter and may be exempted from the Year Abroad on this basis. To apply for an exemption please contact the College Office to obtain a form which will then be considered by the Director of Education. The form gives more details about the process.

Transfer to the three year programme

All students taking a language as a Single Honours or part of a Combined Honours degree are registered on a four-year programme, unless they have explicitly applied to transfer to the three-year programme.

If you are considering changing from a four-year to a three-year programme, you should first discuss the issue with your academic tutor who will be able to advise you further. To apply to transfer from a four-year to a three-year programme you must then make an appointment with the Director of Education by the beginning of Term 3 of your second year at the very latest (or before the end of the third year of a part-time degree).

Failure of the year abroad will result in transfer to the BA European Culture.

Year Abroad assessment

For more information about Year Abroad assessment please see Assessment.

For mark conversions please see the UG College assessment procedures in the College Taught Handbook.