5.6.1 Assessed Essays

Assessed pieces of coursework must be handed in on the prescribed day and time, unless you are advised otherwise by Department staff.

• The total number of words used (excluding the bibliography, appendices and list of works cited) must be stated at the end of the piece of work. Footnotes used for referencing purposes within some referencing systems (though the MLA system recommended by the Department of English does not permit this) are not included in the word count. Footnotes containing large amounts of text will be included in the word count. The word count also usually includes all quotations, and in-text references. Appendices should be confined to diagrams, tables, maps, and visual images, unless explicitly stated in the assessment guidance. Where academic staff suspect that you have not declared the word count honestly, and that the piece of work is over the specified limit, staff will ask the Humanities Education Team staff to check the word count in order to determine the appropriate penalty to be administered. Prepare your final copies in good time. Problems with a computer or printer and last-minute queues at the photocopying machine are not acceptable as reasons for late submission.

5.6.2 Formative Essays and other assignments

If your module includes formative pieces of work (i.e. assignments which are marked, but which do not count towards your final module mark) or other assignments, your tutor will let you know how they should be submitted and returned. Some pieces will need to be submitted through the Humanities Education Team as for assessed essays, while others may be treated less formally.

5.6.3 Essay submission and return dates

A schedule of coursework deadlines and examining periods for the coming year will be published at the beginning of the academic year.


Course tutors may set formative work for submission at other times. You can expect course convenors to issue you with essay questions or other instructions for assessed work no later than four weeks before the submission date. The published coursework return dates are those dates by which the Department expects to have completed the process of marking, moderating, and preparing work for return to you. Assessed work is submitted, either in person to the Humanities Education Team on the ground floor of the Queen’s Building or online. The submission of work is monitored by the automated BART system, which records the exact time of delivery. It is vital that work is handed in prior to the published deadline. An assessment received only minutes late is recorded as such by BART. For penalties for late submission, see http://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/studying/taughthandbook/

5.6.4 Marks for assessed work

The marks returned to you for coursework and examinations will be internally moderated marks. On moderation, see the College Handbook 6.3 (https://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/studying/taughthandbook/assessment/double-marking/) These marks are provisional and are subject to scrutiny and possible alteration by external examiners (from another university), and ratification by the Board of Examiners at the end of your degree. When you have been awarded your degree you will be able to access a complete transcript of your marks from the University Registry Portal SRS (https://srs.exeter.ac.uk/). If you wish to discuss the mark and feedback you have received for a particular piece of work, you should see your module tutor.