The Board of Examiners meets at the end of each academic year. It is attended by academic staff plus the Department’s external examiners (senior academics from other universities who provide a check on our standards and processes). The Board finalises and ratifies your marks for individual modules. It also makes recommendations to the University concerning your progression from one stage of the programme to the next, and the final classification of your degree award.
Please note: these procedures are subject to modification by the Faculty and Senate for existing students.

NOTE: The conventions given below apply to the following degree programmes: Single Honours English, Single Honours Film, English with Study in North America, and Combined Honours English and Film Studies. In the other combined honours programmes that include English, the conventions applied will be those of the other department (i.e. Modern Languages or Classics, or the Flexible Combined Honours Board), as they are responsible for the running of these degrees.

For the University’s full set of Assessment Procedures for Undergraduate Degrees, see

5.11.1 Progression

For information on the University’s requirements on progression from one stage to another, please see: http://www.admin.ex.ac.uk/academic/tls/tqa/ugexams2.htm

5.11.2 Conventions for Classification of Undergraduate Degrees

For information on the Classification of undergraduate degrees, please see: