The Department of English has been supporting its modules with online content since 1998. We now use an e-learning platform called ELE (http://vle.exeter.ac.uk/) which allows us to place all relevant material within an easily navigable format. An ELE site acts as a ‘home’ for a module's materials. ELE may also be used in some modules to house some elements of assessment.
Some ELE sites include a discussion forum where students and staff can share ideas, responses and experiences relevant to the module. The forum should provide a safe and secure environment for open academic exchange. To this end, participants in discussion should be careful to maintain the same respect for the views and feelings of others as they would bring to a discussion in any other academic context (for example, seminars). Tutors also participate in the forum, and will intervene if they feel that discussion has become inappropriate. A student who feels uneasy with any aspect of the discussion forum should speak to the module convenor.