Most modules expect students to attend weekly ‘lectures’ as well as ‘seminars’. Lectures are usually one hour long, and offer a forum for all students on a module to participate in learning together. You will be assigned to a seminar group for each of the modules you undertake. The group meets weekly for one or two hours with a ‘seminar leader’, who will be your academic tutor for the module. Seminar groups are usually 15-19 students, and constitute a ‘learning group’. Seminars are the core focus for learning and teaching and attendance is compulsory. Seminar leaders will structure a semester’s work, giving students instructions about weekly reading and preparation tasks. If you do not know what is expected of you from week to week you must approach your seminar leader for clarification.
We will give you feedback on your academic performance. Your seminar leader will mark written work and give you written feedback according to the Timetable of Assessment Submission and Return published at:


Seminar leaders are always ready to give you verbal feedback on your essays, or any other aspect of your academic performance, during their office hours. Your marks for each module will be made available to you as soon as possible. For modules ending in the second semester, this will be at the end of the academic year; for modules ending in the first semester), provisional marks will be given early in the second semester. Your academic performance will be monitored regularly. If any concern is expressed about your progress, your Personal Tutor will let you know about it and offer advice.