The degree programmes offered by the Department of English are distinguished by the range of options that are available to you, and the freedom we give you to choose from among those options in order to create an English or Film degree that reflects your own interests and needs. So that you can make informed choices about the direction your degree will take, we give all English students the same basic grounding in English literary history, and a range of theoretical approaches to literary and cultural study, during Stage 1. Similarly, the film programme commences in level 1 with a broad introduction to film studies and to theoretical and historical approaches to the discipline.

Combined Honours students spend 50% of their time with English or Film.
Once you have completed Stage 1, you will have a wide range of modules that you can choose from. The different degree programmes have different requirements, and will structure your choices in different ways. You will find full details at

For more information on the way the degree programme works, and on credits, levels and stages, please see the College Handbook: