Many students experience problems, queries or specific needs during their time at university – for example, anxieties about assessment, practical questions about money, accommodation or the need to make an emergency visit home. The University has many specific support services to help, such as the Student Guild’s Welfare Office, the AccessAbility service and the Counselling Centre (all easily findable on the University website). In the Department you should contact your Personal Tutor in the first instance. The Department’s Senior Tutor and Disability Representative is also available to help if you need more advice or help with referral to University support services. The current Senior Tutor is Kirsty Martin. Sign up during one of their office hours or make an appointment through the Department Administrators.

To look at the various kinds of support the University can help put in place, take a look at the student help website: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/students/az-services/

For further information concerning personal tutoring and Personal Development Planning (PDP), please see the College Student Handbook 7.1-7.3. https://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/studying/taughthandbook/academic_support/personal_tutors/