All students are assigned a Personal Tutor, whom you will be asked to meet during Induction Week to register and get to know. During the year you will have scheduled one to one and group meetings with your personal tutor to discuss your academic progress and your Personal Development Planning (see section 2.6). Your personal tutor is also available in weekly office hours for you to discuss any problems or queries you might have. You can arrange to see them by signing up on the booking sheet on their office door. Alternatively, you can email them to make an appointment. 

The Department of English has its own student guide to personal tutoring, which can found on the Departmental website. You are advised to read through this in order to familiarise yourself with your responsibilities as a personal tutee.

There may be occasions when, because of change of staff, research leave, illness, etc. your Personal Tutor will need to be changed by the Department. This will be done automatically by the Department administration and you will be notified immediately.

The person overseeing the Personal Tutoring scheme is the Senior Tutor, Kirsty Martin. If you experience any problems with your Personal Tutor or with the scheme in general, this academic is the person to contact.