We hope that you will have an enjoyable and productive year in the department. This Handbook is designed to help you survive and flourish on the Exeter English degree programmes. It is also available online throughout the year. If you have any questions, this is the first place to look, but please feel free to contact the Humanities Queen’s Education Support Office or a tutor if you still can’t find the answer you need.

Every student in the department is assigned a personal tutor, who is available during office hours to discuss progress and to help with any problems that may arise (see section 6.2 below). If all else fails, you are always welcome to contact me directly (E.Jones@exeter.ac.uk).

English students tend to be among the most creative in the University. We hope that you will participate fully in the life of the department, either by contributing to the Student-Staff Liaison Committee, or by taking part in voluntary work organised through the Guild of Students, or by writing for one of the student newspapers or magazines. Each year we arrange a number of guest lectures and readings by prominent authors, to which you are always welcome to come along.

Professor Eddie Jones
Head of English

English and Film UG Assessment timetable

English and Film PGT Assessment timetable

International Film Business Assessment Timetable