Assessment is an important part of your learning process. Not all assessment contributes towards the mark for your module. But all assessment, whether formal or informal, will help you develop intellectual and personal skills which you need to complete your degree successfully and which you will carry with you into later life.

The online module descriptions, available in UG or PGT modules on the intranet, tell you, among other things, the way in which each module is formally assessed. Full information on all matters relating to assessment, including penalties, plagiarism and late submission, can be found in the College Taught Handbook.

All modules in the Department are formally assessed by a combination of examinations and continuous assessment. The ratio of examination to continuous assessment varies between modules, but typically follows the ratio 70%/30% at Level 1, 60%/40% at Level 2, and 50%/50% at Level 3. (Those with a linguistic element may differ from non-linguistic modules.)