Most forms are handed in to the College Office

Documents and Forms

For more information about the procedures behind these forms please see the College Taught Handbook. For a guide on where to hand forms in please see the Where Do I Go? page.

College Forms

Mitigation- Any student who believes that his/her performance in any summative assessment has been affected by personal circumstances (e.g. medical condition, family crisis, bereavement) is entitled to submit an application for mitigation. Full details on how to apply for mitigation can be found at:

Module changes - complete the module change form‌ and hand it in to the Humanities Education Team in either the foyer of Queen’s building or room 342, Amory building (Exeter), or the Student Information Desk (Penryn). Please be aware, in most cases and changes should take place in the first 2 weeks of each teaching term.


Postgraduate Research Forms

Expense Claims Forms for single and multiple entries can be found on the webpage: Finance Services Forms. If you do not know which form to use then please contact the Humanities Graduate School Office