Programme costs

Please note: This information is relevant for students entering from 2012/13 onwards only.

This page aims to outline the additional costs, over and above the tuition fee, that undergraduate students will experience whilst studying for a Renewable Energy programme.

This information is based on advice from students studying in 2011/12 and has been reviewed by student representatives for the course on an annual basis. This page is intended to be a useful resource to prospective and new students, therefore please do feed through any further suggestions through your departmental SSLC.

Field work

  • Travel and accommodation: for all new entrants from 2012/13 you will not be required to pay towards attendance on compulsory field trips. If a choice of field trips is available, you may be required to pay a contribution for some locations. Similarly, if you choose to participate in additional, optional field trips then you may be required to contribute to the cost.
  • Clothing: you will need to purchase warm and waterproof outdoor field clothing, suitable footwear and carry equipment. For all new entrants from 2012/13, the cost of purchasing any essential personal protection items, such as safety goggles and hard hats will be covered by the College.


It is not necessary for you to purchase the books required for the programmes, as there are sufficient copies in the library. 

Industrial placement project

Module CSMM402 provides work experience within the energy sector.  Additional travel and accommodation costs will be dependent on where in the country you undertake this placement. However, students typically receive a salary or have their expenses fully covered by their placement employer.

“(the salary) covered all the extra costs incurred by doing an industrial placement. All costs such as accommodation and relocation were easily taken care of by this salary”

2011/12 third year industrial placement student