Physics and Astronomy

2023/24 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
PHY0000Communications and Key SkillsDr Raphaëlle D. Haywood, Dr Sharon Strawbridge0
PHY1021Vector MechanicsDr Fabrice Gielen15
PHY1022Introduction to AstrophysicsDr Eric Hébrard15
PHY1023Waves and OpticsDr Pablo Loren-Aguilar15
PHY1024Properties of MatterDr Freddie Withers15
PHY1025Mathematics SkillsDr Wolfram Möbius15
PHY1026Mathematics for Physicists15
PHY1027Practical Physics IProf Volodymyr Kruglyak15
PHY1028IT and Electronics SkillsProf Feodor Ogrin, Prof Tim Naylor, Dr Alex Corbett15
PHY1029IT and Astrophysics SkillsProf Feodor Ogrin, Dr Chris Brunt15
PHY1030Practical Physics and IT SkillsProf Volodymyr Kruglyak, Dr Jennifer Hatchell15
PHY2021Electromagnetism IProf Matthew Bate15
PHY2022Quantum Mechanics IDr Claire Davies15
PHY2023Thermal PhysicsDr Luis A. Correa 15
PHY2024Condensed Matter IDr Steven Hepplestone15
PHY2025Mathematics with Physical ApplicationsProf Jacopo Bertolotti15
PHY2026Practical Physics IIProf Feodor Ogrin15
PHY2027Scientific Programming in CProf Robert J Hicken15
PHY2029The Physics of Living SystemsDr Alex Corbett15
PHY2030Observing the UniverseProf Sasha Hinkley15
PHY2032Analytical and Chaotic DynamicsProf Jacopo Bertolotti15
PHY2033Physics Practicals (One-term/semester inbound exchange)Prof Volodymyr Kruglyak15
PHY2035Scientific Programming in PythonDr Jennifer Hatchell15
PHY2036Study Abroad Electives60
PHY2037Nonlinear Optics and ImagingProf Julian Moger15
PHY2222Physics of Climate ChangeDr Raphaëlle D. Haywood15
PHY3051Electromagnetism IIProf Jacopo Bertolotti15
PHY3052Nuclear and High Energy PhysicsProf Euan Hendry15
PHY3053General ProblemsDr Peter Petrov15
PHY3054Electromagnetism II (IS)Prof Jacopo Bertolotti15
PHY3055Electromagnetism and Quantum MechanicsDr Eros Mariani15
PHY3056Nuclear and High Energy Physics (IS)Prof Euan Hendry15
PHY3061The Biophysics of Cells and Tissues Prof Jude Meakin15
PHY3062Methods of Theoretical PhysicsProf Mikhail (Misha) Portnoi15
PHY3064Nanostructures and Graphene Science Prof Mikhail (Misha) Portnoi15
PHY3066Galaxies and High Energy AstrophysicsDr Sebastiaan Krijt15
PHY3068Principles of Theoretical Physics15
PHY3070Stars from Birth to DeathDr Pablo Loren-Aguilar15
PHY3071Soft MatterDr Peter Petrov15
PHY3122Project and DissertationProf Matthew Bate30
PHY3138Projects and DissertationsProf Robert J Hicken, Dr Chris Brunt30
PHY3147One-Semester Physics Project and ReportDr Chris Brunt, Prof Robert J Hicken15
PHY3150Applying Physics (Group Project)Dr Chris Brunt, Prof Robert J Hicken15
PHY3218Study Abroad Physics Options60
PHY3306Professional ExperienceProf Tim Naylor, Dr Steven Hepplestone75
PHY3308Professional PlacementProf Tim Naylor, Dr Steven Hepplestone120
PHYM001Statistical PhysicsDr Luis A. Correa 15
PHYM002Quantum Mechanics II15
PHYM003Condensed Matter IIProf Saverio Russo15
PHYM004Computational Physics and ModellingProf Tim Harries, Dr Pablo Loren-Aguilar15
PHYM005Independent StudyProf Tim Naylor15
PHYM006Relativity and CosmologyProf Tim Harries15
PHYM008Physical Methods in Biology and MedicineProf Francesca Palombo15
PHYM009Project and DissertationProf Matthew Bate45
PHYM010Project and DissertationProf Matthew Bate60
PHYM012Solar and Extra-Solar Planets and Their AtmospheresProf Matthew Browning15
PHYM013Quantum Many-Body TheoryDr Eros Mariani15
PHYM015Quantum Optics and PhotonicsDr Oleksandr Kyriienko15
PHYM502Frontiers in Physics ResearchProf Julian Moger15
PHYM503Research ProjectProf Julian Moger90