Mathematics (Penryn)

2020/21 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
ECM1911Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary MathematicsProf Markus Mueller15
ECM1913Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Mathematics with Professional SkillsProf Markus Mueller15
ECM2902Linear AlgebraDr Mark Callaway15
ECM2903Differential EquationsDr Saptarshi Das15
ECM2906Data, Signals and SystemsProf Stuart Townley15
ECM2907Statistical Modelling15
ECM2908Vector Calculus and ApplicationsDr Hamid Alemi Ardakani15
ECM2911Mathematics of the EnvironmentProf Markus Mueller15
ECM2912Advanced Interdisciplinary Mathematics Dr Tim Hughes15
ECM2913Scientific Computing 215
ECM3730Mathematics of Climate ChangeProf Markus Mueller15
ECM3901Data Analytics and Machine LearningDr Saptarshi Das15
ECM3902Work PlacementDr Mark Callaway15
ECM3903Mathematical Sciences Project15
ECM3904Advanced Statistical ModellingDr Saptarshi Das15
ECM3905Mathematical Biology and EcologyProf Stuart Townley15
ECM3906Graphs, Networks and Algorithms Dr Mark Callaway15
ECM3907Dynamical Systems and ControlDr Tim Hughes15
ECM3908Partial Differential EquationsDr Hamid Alemi Ardakani15
ECM3909Mathematics of Climate ChangeProf Markus Mueller15
ECM3912Semester of Mathematical Sciences AbroadProf Markus Mueller45
ECMM901Research ProjectProf Stuart Townley45
ECMM903Computational Modelling and SimulationDr Hamid Alemi Ardakani15
ECMM905Field CourseProf Markus Mueller30
ECMM911Mathematics of SustainabilityProf Markus Mueller15