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For programmes running in 2021/22

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AwardTitleUCAS Code
BSc (Hons)Applied GeologyF613
MscApplied GeotechnicsC703
BSc (Hons)Engineering Geology and GeotechnicsF644
MSci (Hons)Engineering Geology and GeotechnicsF615
MGeol (Hons)Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
BSc (Hons)Environmental GeoscienceF756
MSci (Hons)Environmental GeoscienceF757
MScExploration GeologyEXPLOR
BSc (Hons)GeologyF600
MSci (Hons)GeologyF603
MGeol (Hons)Geology
MScGeotechnical EngineeringGEOTECH
MScMining GeologyC49W
BSc (Hons)Resource and Exploration GeologyF617
MSci (Hons)Resource and Exploration GeologyF616