Computer Science

2016/17 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
ECM1400ProgrammingProf Richard Everson15
ECM1407Social and Professional Issues of the Information Age15
ECM1410Object-Oriented ProgrammingProf Jonathan Fieldsend15
ECM1413Computers and the InternetDr David Wakeling15
ECM1414Data Structures and Algorithms15
ECM1415Discrete Mathematics for Computer ScienceProf Mitchell Berger15
ECM1416Computational MathematicsDr Jia Hu15
ECM1417Web Development15
ECM1418Business Organisation15
ECM1419Interpersonal and Foundation Skills15
ECM1420Information and Data15
ECM1421System Development 1Prof Richard Everson15
ECM1422Reflective Practice 130
ECM2414Software DevelopmentProf Edward Keedwell15
ECM2415Software EngineeringDr David Wakeling15
ECM2418Computer Languages and Representations15
ECM2419Database Theory and DesignDr Alberto Moraglio15
ECM2420Applied ComputingDr Yulei Wu15
ECM2422Programming for the Web15
ECM2423Artificial Intelligence and ApplicationsDr Alberto Moraglio15
ECM2425Mobile and Ubiquitous ComputingDr Yulei Wu15
ECM2433The C FamilyProf Jacqueline Christmas15
ECM3401Individual Literature Review and ProjectDr Yulei Wu45
ECM3408Enterprise ComputingDr David Wakeling15
ECM3412Nature Inspired ComputationProf Edward Keedwell15
ECM3419Industrial PlacementDr David Wakeling120
ECM3420Learning from Data Prof Richard Everson15
ECM3422Computability and Complexity 15
ECM3423Computer Graphics15
ECM3424Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing15
ECM3426High-performance Computing and Distributed SystemsProf Geyong Min15
ECM3427ITMB Project45
ECM3428Algorithms that Changed the WorldProf Chunbo Luo15
ECM3429Term of Computer Science Studies Abroad60
ECM3430Computer Science Individual ProjectDr Yulei Wu30
ECMM408Logic, Ontology, and Knowledge Representation15
ECMM409Nature-Inspired ComputationProf Edward Keedwell15
ECMM410Research MethodologyProf Christopher Edwards15
ECMM417Managing IT Projects15
ECMM418ITMB Case StudiesProf Edward Keedwell15
ECMM419Software Development for Business15
ECMM420Networks, Data and InformationProf Geyong Min15
ECMM421Business IT Project45
ECMM422Machine LearningProf Richard Everson15
ECMM423Evolutionary Computation & OptimisationDr Alberto Moraglio15
ECMM424Computer Modelling and SimulationDr Jia Hu15
ECMM425Research Project for MSci Computing45
EMP3001Commercial and Industrial Experience15