Computer Science Society

The Computer Science Society is set up by third year computer science students aiming to bring together a previously uncollected group of likeminded people and course mates. Anyone with an interest should come along and see what are about, definitely not just those studying computer science!

We will be arranging visits to big names in the computing industry, perfect for anyone looking to work within this area.

Programming isn't easy even for the experienced amongst us. To help you get ahead of the game we will be hosting programming workshops and help sessions to make things easier. 

Joining our Society

Instructions on how to join can we found on the Computer Science Society Student's Guild site.

Social activities

We have big plans for regular and exciting socials for everyone to get involved with. Please visit our Computer Science Society page to find out more!

Social media

Please join our Facebook page and join us on Twitter to keep up to date with our latest activities, news and events.