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English Language and EAP

BBC Grammar

A lot of good on-line activities here.
Road to Grammar

This site has useful on-line activities in all areas of grammar
Presentations 1

This site has some useful advice about giving presentations.
Presentations 2

A very thorough site about presentations.
Pronunciation practice

This site has some good activities that can be done on-line. I particularly like the 'Listen and Repeat machine'.
Six minute English This allows students to read and listen to short extracts. If students then try to repeat what they here it is a useful way to practice supra-segmentals. Many of the audio files and their texts can be downloaded and used in class or as the basis for on-line exercises. Good cultural and business/economics stuff.
Academic Listening Again from the BBC WS this series of lectures and conversations looks at various aspects of studying in English. The texts and audio files can be downloaded.
Pronunciation Tips This BBC WS set of  short videos is a fairly comprehensive guide to most of the English IPA. Useful if you want to refer students to practice of particular sounds.
A sort of uk version of you tube but without the advertsing from the BBC. A fascinating insight into UK culture.
Video Jug Shortish videos on just about anything. Useful for webquests or just for fun. has some nice videos about managing university.

Lots of useful listening practice. Good for self-access.

English Listening Lessons

Very nice set of exercises at a relatively low level.

English Grammar secrets

Simple but effective remedial grammar work


A huge collection of EAP materials.

Describing graphs

A well produced site on writing about data.


These are the Videojug videos on punctuation

Academic word list

A good site for extensive practice of the AWL.

Academic word list

The AWL for more advanced students
correcting code This is Exeter's correction code with link pages to practice exercises. Exeter uses this in conjunction with Markin 4 (see software and IT training).
diagnostic test This diagnostic test can be useful as part of a GIL programme.
smokesreen An interesting site for students which, although a bit confusing at first, helps students understand how social networking sites work. Lots of 'real' language work.

BBC Learning English widget

A widget is a small piece of code that can be inserted into your website. This is the BBC learning English widget.
Daily English activities Nik Peachy (see mentors) has a daily activities page. Exeter uses it as a kind of pot luck site along with the BBC widget page.


A useful site to get learners started with writing.
BBC words in the news This BBC WS site has two minute talks with vocabulary practice. Lots of business stuff here. Most of the scripts and sound files can be downloaded.

ESL : Reading

A useful site with lots of reading activities
EAP toolkit

A set of tools to help develop on-line teaching materials

Language Box
A shared repository of lessons and ideas for language classes
RSA animate
A good collection of videoed lectures in many subjects - some are animated.

Study Skills


Prepare for Success

A very useful pre-arrival site for students coming to the UK.
A very useful site from the University of Nottingham designed to support international students at University

Business and Economics


Bloomberg provides some interesting insights into how the world economy is developing. They have a good video service providing reports from around the world.

Bized A very rich site with some good on-line simulations of topics on Economics and business.



Science lecture archives

'A moment of science' has some downloadable soundfiles about science you can use.
Moment of Science

Lots of interesting materials about science on this site.

A directory of many resources
HEA Engineering
The Higher Education Academy has a useful site for teachers of Engineering. It includes this very useful booklet about teaching Engineering to International students.



RSA lectures
This site has a mixture of animated lectures and talking heads. Most are about 10 minutes long - some longer. This site might be useful for higher level classes in Humanities streams.
TED Lectures
This has many talks and lectures on many different topics. Many are accompanied by subtitles which makes them particularly useful for independent study. They tend to be inspirational and didactic rather than academic in nature.

A lot of videos and other materials about history

UCL lunchtime lectures

Lots of 40 minute lectures on various topics. Good archive.
McGill mini-law lectures
Useful collection of videod law lectures. Some about 60 minutes long.

A useful site for sharing resources in the humanities



Babelfish On-line translation tool
Google will translate web pages

Professional Organisations


Subject Centre for Language, Linguistics and Area Studies

This group works out of Southampton University. The site has many resources including HumBox which is a collection of teaching resources both in subject areas and EAP.
They have their own magazine; 'Liaison' and host events on a regular basis.

The Higher Education Academy

This site has a lot of background about International students and features the 'International Student Lifecycle' which charts students progress around their time at university and also has some learning resources which might be useful. This site also hosts the UK centre for Legal Education which might of use to those of us teaching law students. The HEA is in fact a host centre for 24 subject centres in the UK including LLAS.


This is a European body associated with quality assurance in language education. It has interesting sites on CLIL, Language teacher Education and other area of interest. It also has the Toolkit, which is a 'set of principles to guide the design, delivery and monitoring of educational programmes'.


This is the professional organisation for EAP practitioners.

UK International Unit

This is a kind of think-tank about international students and the internationalisation of Universities.

Council of Europe (Education and Languages)

This site has detailed analysis of the CEFR and downloadable versions of the criteria.