If you feel you are having problems with listening to general English you might find this site useful. It has listening exercises at every level in general English.

If you want to learn how to do many many things: e.g. baking a cake, washing a dog or finding out how to dress well, you might find this video site useful.

If you want to find out about English culture then you might find this site useful. It has some very effective lower level listening practice.

TED Talks are internationally famous. Although inspirational rather than academic many of them are very interesting.

Listening to lectures on-line

These links take you to various exercises in taking notes from lectures.

This site lasts for about two minutes and concerns engineering management. It has transcript and good examples of notes taken.
This site gives some tips about note taking. In particular shorthand and abbreviations you can use.
This site has a very large collection of videos and audio lectures many of  which might interest you and which you could practice taking notes on if you wish to. You will probably be able to find lectures within your area of study; particularly in the sciences.
This site has a large collection of listening and note-taking exercises as well as support on how to take notes.
This site has a great many interesting lectures in the humanities to listen to.

last updated 12/10/15