Verb tenses

There are a lot of websites where you can practice tenses. We suggest:

The exercises below cover most tenses. Look carefully at your correction and decide which tense(s) you need to revise.
These exercises can be managed by right mouse click + 'play'. They are Flash based games.

name example link
The present simple tense I drive to work every day
The present continuous tense Who is kate talking to on the phone?
Present simple or continuous? (review)
The past simple tense She came back last Friday
The past continous tense Were you expecting any visitors?
Past continuous or simple? (review)
The present perfect tense Have they cancelled the meeting? click here
The present perfect continuous Oh, the kitchen is a mess. Who has been cooking?
Present perfect simple or continuous? I've lived here for 10 years and she has been living here for 12 years.
Past perfect I hadn't known the bad news when I spoke to him.
Past perfect continuous It had been snowing for a while before we left.
Past tense review (all past tenses)
Future - going to I'm going to see him later today.
Future - Will Next year, I'll be 50.
'Going to' or 'Will'? The President will serve for four years.
It's going to be another warm day.
Will be doing This time next week, I'll be sitting on the beach in Barbados.
Future - present forms I'm seeing Natasha at 5pm.
Will have done I'll have finished this project by Friday

last updated: 25/10/18