CAE (level C1)


C1 (CEFR) means that when you pass CAE, you are able to use English effectively in social and professional situations and in higher education. However, if you wish to apply to a university in the UK, Canada, Australia or new Zealand you are advised to take the IELTS exam, which is specifically designed for this purpose.

The CAE exam lasts for four hours and 25 minutes. It has a four written papers: reading, writing, English in use and listening (papers 1-4). There is also a speaking section in the form of an interview for two or three candidates at a time. Because it is harder to arrange, the speaking may be the first or the last part of the exam.

Reading takes 75 minutes. It has four parts, and has a total of 45 questions.

Writing  takes 120 minutes. There are two parts. The first is compulsory task and the second gives you a choice of four tasks.

English in Use lasts for 90 minutes and has 6 parts and 80 questions.

Listening lasts 45 minutes. There are four sections and 30-40 questions in all.

Speaking is a 15 minutes per pair of candidates.

It costs 92 to take the CAE exam in Exeter.

You can read more about the exam structure in the official 'Information for Candidates' here.