3.2 Student Responsibilities

There are University-wide regulations governing student conduct, and we provide some extracts below. For a full list see the University's General Regulations for Students page.


3.2.1 Responsibilities of students

  1. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, having completed any required preparatio

  2. Students must provide a satisfactory explanation, in advance where practicable, of any absence from seminars and tutorials.

  3. Students must meet deadlines for the submission of work

  4. Each student will familiarize him/herself with the University procedures relating to academic misconduct and their discipline-specific guidance on referencing and how to avoid plagiarism. Ignorance of these procedures and guidance is not considered to be an excuse for academic misconduct.

  5. Students must ensure their current address (both in Exeter and, if different, their home address), telephone number and e-mail address are updated through the student portal.

  6. Students must be available for classes at any time within the University's teaching hours (8.30 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday) at which they do not already have academic commitments, although efforts will be made to accommodate the particular needs of part-time students. Students must be available for all examining periods (exams are routinely scheduled on Saturdays) and during the referred/deferred exam period if required to re-take assessments. A student who is prevented by illness from attending any examination or part of any examination must ensure that a certificate signed by a medical practitioner or other supporting evidence is sent to their discipline administrator.

  7. Students must regularly consult notice boards, their email inboxes and iEXeter (app version or desktop) to ensure emergency announcements are not missed.

  8. Students should make full use of Study Skills advice when advised to do so.